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09-09-2008, 11:44 PM

09-10-2008, 03:36 AM
Yeah, Ross shut down about two years ago. I doubt he reads this, so here goes: He was an idiot. Good guy, but not the best on business sense.

Backtrack to the days when LD was still going strong, although DVD was on the horizon. Ross sold discs for $14 for a single disc, $20 for two disc sets, and special editions were 50% off list price. He personally inspected every incoming disc for playback and rot. He would buy back any disc (he put a small sticker on the label) for $10 for singles, $16 for doubles, and special editions for 50% off list minus $4. In other words, any disc you bought from Ross was like a $4 unlimited rental, and you only had to pay if you decided to keep the disc. I made use of this policy several times. By the way, this was at a time when discs usually listed for $39 and up, so it was fantastic savings.

He was reluctant to get into DVD. Mistake number 1. When he finally did, he just did the same business model, except it was $12 to buy any DVD in the store, and he offered $9 on returns. Mistake number 2. He did not discriminate on the titles he carried, with the exception of only having one copy of any particular title. Mistake number 3.

As you can already guess, pretty soon his shelves jammed with discs of movies you've NEVER heard of, all $12 each, and these were the discs that usually only cost $5.99. In other words, he was paying $3 MORE than the discs actually cost!!!

Finally, he moved his shop, and a few months later, the all-ages nightclub "Soma" moved into the same strip mall. This could have been a goldmine. Parents would literally drop their kids off early in the afternoons on Saturday, and they'd wait outside in front of the club until it opened around 8PM. It was the only all-ages nightclub in town, and kids went every Friday and Saturday night, no matter what band played. This explains why there was a bunch of annoying punk rock and emo kids at the Puffy AmiYumi show I went to there, but I digress.

Anyway, Ross did not do consignments, and did not keep more than one copy of a CD (oh, he also sold CDs) in stock. And he'd only buy CDs of bands he'd heard of. C'mon...stock the bands these kids were listening to. Talk to the bands, offer consignments. I know the owner of Soma, I played at a previous location he had. And he ALWAYS propped up the local businesses and encouraged the kids to patronize them (basically so the business owners wouldn't get pissed about all the kids hanging around).

Ross wanted no part of this money, apparently. And yes Dave, he's now out of business.

09-10-2008, 05:42 AM
I thought this was about Ross clothing stores. I was getting ready to cry. If I can't buy my clothes there I'd have to walk around naked. :(

09-10-2008, 06:56 AM
Well, let's all be thankful that won't be happening.

Just for the confused folks, Dave was referring to a San Diego store called Ross' Exchange. It was a store that dealt with high-end audio, and used CDs and LDs (eventually DVDs too).

It was great having a store like that, where anytime you went in, the owner was there and you could shoot the breeze about movies and equipment. And he was a good tech guy. I bought my CLD-D704 from him, and have had him perform routine maintenance on it.

He just didn't deal with the death of the format very well, and it eventually cost him his business. Sometimes, ya gotta adjust.