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Uncle Jay
10-16-2008, 07:45 PM

This is my first post here, so I send greetings to all. I'm somewhat of a movie enthusiast/historian, but in no way one of those artsy-fartsy assholes that take themselves way too seriously, I am an extreme horror/sci-fi nut! I used to have a website years ago called "The Burning Max," I'm sure you haven't heard of it, haha. So, this looks like a great place to share my love and knowledge of horror and such...so I'm glad to be a part.

Anyway, getting back to the topic...I'm still a collector of Laserdiscs and I'm looking for a copy, actually two, of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow if it even exists. As soon as DVD made their move in '96, I pretty much jumped the LD ship and didn't look back, so I'm not sure if it ever made it to laserdisc.



10-16-2008, 10:32 PM
Yes, it's actually one of the last domestic lasers ever produced. It was released along with Bringing Out The Dead. Those were the last two.

Years back it was available on ebay for a reasonable amount.

Right now there is a copy on lddb but it will cost you an arm and a leg.


I too am trying to collect a lot of the final laser releases, but if you don't want to pay an arm and a leg, you need to have a lot of patience.

Good luck and welcome to the site. Always good to have another LD fan.

Uncle Jay
10-16-2008, 11:13 PM
Thanks Dave, I'll have to keep a lookout elsewhere! $165 is way too much, I'm sure I'll find it cheaper somewhere. Lately, I've been buying them at $2-$3 a shot. $10 for more obscure titles or rarer editions.

Yeah, I still have roughly 200 laserdiscs left in my collection. I had about 400 at one time, I sold a few over the years (during the DVD craze), but I find myself buying them whenever I stumble across them in Disc shops. I love the artwork and such...usually when I go to conventions I have a celebrity sign the laserdisc. For instance: I met Richard Dreyfuss last June, and he signed my Close Encounters Criterion, which was fuckin' cool!


10-21-2008, 12:07 AM
Yeah I only have two lasers autographed, my ED2 blood red disc and my AOD disc - both my Bruce Campbell. Hopefully over time I will get a few more signed.

It's always a battle with me and lasers. On one hand I love the format because it represents a time when I first got into home theater. But with blu-ray and HD-DVD out and about, it's just a hard format to put too much money into.I would love to get one of the high end players someday, but again, I have trouble investing that much cash into it. I had the LD-S9 for a while but sold it due to lack of use. I may just compromise and against get the LD-S9. The price on the used decks has dropped; seems only the real high end (HLD-Xx) players are still going for a lot.

As for Sleepy Hollow, it will be tough to find it for a decent price. I had it at one point and sold it. It was Dolby Surround only. Towards the end Pioneer/Paramount stopped putting DD5.1 tracks on to save costs. I had contacts at both companies at the time and they both blamed each other; never did get the real answer, but I tend to think it was Pioneer.