View Full Version : What Argento film should I purchase next?

11-27-2001, 03:33 AM
Help me out people. I don't want to spend money on something I won't watch.

11-27-2001, 06:10 AM
It would help if you gave us an idea of some of your favorite Euro-horror films. And it would also help if you would let us know which Argento films you've seen and if you liked them. I'm guessing you've seen Suspiria, Deep Red, Tenebre, Opera and Two Evil Eyes?

Everyone's opinion will be different. Your best bet would be to rent or just read several reviews for each of the films. If you like his Giallo's, I would say Bird with the Crystal Plumage. It doesn't have a Goblin score, but it's very well made and quite possibly the most linear Argento film. Opera is amazing, but the ending is a bit frustrating. My personal favorite after Suspiria is Phenomena. But be warned that it's pretty much a love it or hate it film. Maybe more than any of Argento's other work.

11-27-2001, 04:52 PM
That seems to be the problem with Argento films, people either love them or hate them. I do own Deep Red, Tenebre, Suspiria, Opera, and Two Evil Eyes. I do like his Giallos, but I'm open to almost anything new.

11-27-2001, 07:51 PM
My vote was for Phenomena, followed closely by Inferno and The Stendhal Syndrome. I'd add Bird With the Crystal Plumage after that, maybe even before, as it and Deep Red almost make good "prequels" to The Stendhal Syndrome.

11-27-2001, 08:06 PM
Originally posted by Paff
My vote was for Phenomena, followed closely by Inferno and The Stendhal Syndrome.

I think I'm gonna order that Inferno/Phenomona two pack.

11-27-2001, 10:30 PM
I say Bird. Great film.

11-27-2001, 11:21 PM
Originally posted by AndrewBBD
I say Bird. Great film.

I'm attempting to get the laserdisc from killit as of this moment.