View Full Version : What is your LCD picture mode preference?

11-15-2009, 03:07 PM
I'm still fairly new to the HD game and have been testing my LCD's various picture modes for optimal viewing ever since. My Toshiba HDTV is offering:

"Dynamic" - is fun when watching Blu-ray. The brightness can hurt the eyes when viewing at night though.

"Standard" - is also pretty bright and looks great with most blu's or upconverted standard DVDs. On the downside it also reveals DN on most of my Warner standard DVDs.

"Movie" - is too dim for my liking. It makes older movies with a 'beat up' print look quite good though but yeah, still too dim.

"AutoView" - my preferred viewing mode. Not as bright as "Standard" and not nearly as dim as "Movie". "AutoView" apparently analyzes and adjusts brightness, color etc automatically. Upscaled DVDs look amazing, blu-rays even better.

11-15-2009, 07:27 PM
I use auto mode too, it seems to make everything look good.

11-15-2009, 10:50 PM
It really depends on the tv because the settings and picture on each vary so much. On my lcd I set up a personal preference that seems to be much better then the very dark "movie" setting for my tv- I prefer the "standard" setting for sports since the "sports" setting is so bright it hurts your eyes and seems to make the colors almost bleed at times. For regular tv i switch between "standard" and my personal preference setting which is almost a little too dark when not watching a blu-ray in a darkened room but for some tv does beat the standard setting. For video games I usually use either sports or standard since very bright colors seem best used with most video games. HD looks great on my tv and blu-ray is excellent but standard television on my set is kinda cruddy compared to other lcds I have seen.
FYI I have a 40" Toshiba 1080p LCD (got for 600.00 including tax last year which was awesome)
I have no auto setting on my set but it has "standard", "sports", "movie", "PC", and "preference". For my personal preference I basically wrote down the "movie" settings and tweaked them mainly for optimum blu-ray and dvd movie watching in a dimly lit room.

11-15-2009, 10:56 PM
My current 1080p looked great right out of the box surprisingly, so I haven't messed with it much outside of turning Dynamic Contrast off when playing dark video games like Condemned since that setting makes things even more dark than they should be. I don't like things to look super bright though, I like the deeper, darker colors a lot more than things being really bright which makes the colors too subdued and washed-out for my liking.