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01-13-2002, 02:36 AM
Does anyone know if Elite's Maniac Cop Laserdisc has the same features(i.e. commentary) as their DVD? All I know is that it's letterboxed.

01-15-2002, 06:05 AM
I'm pretty sure it has at least the commentary. I think I remember em mentioning laserdisc on it, but might have it mixed up with some commentary I heard (too many now, can't keep em straight). I know they say something about the matted version when Bruce gets busted cheating, and think the comment is right around there. If you have the dvd check it out, when I'm online I'm away from my dvds (other side of town, not the room). I'll check it out for ya if I remember tomorrow.

01-17-2002, 07:54 PM
I went ahead and got it the other day for eight bucks. I think it does have the commentary, but that might be it. I DON'T have the DVD so I'm not certain what is on that. The Laserdisc should get here sometime next week. Thanks for the help.

01-17-2002, 09:30 PM
I'm not familiar with the title, but are both the LD and DVD made by Elite?

In almost all circumstances where Elite did both versions, the DVD is usually a direct port of the LD, sometimes with LESS features. Especially their older DVDs.

01-19-2002, 03:26 AM
Thanks Paff, that's interesting. They ARE both from Elite. So I guess it should have everything the DVD has and maybe more, right? I'm thinking too that the picture should be about the same.

01-20-2002, 06:11 AM
The dvd has the comm. and some scenes made for the Japanese tv version that are pretty weak. They don't have any of the same cast and I doubt the same director, it just feels wrong. If they're not on the laser, don't worry, you won't miss much. It's just a subplot with the mayor, and probably for time padding only. No blood, no nudity, no use.
Let me know if they're on there though, someone was asking about that on dvdreview.com.

01-23-2002, 03:37 AM
Bigdaddyhorse, I got the disc in today. Everythings the same, right down to the Japanese scenes. The picture and sound quality isn't too bad, and I doubt the DVD is any better considering it's age. I got this for eight bucks after watching the DVDs go for $35-$40, so hey I'm happy. :)

01-27-2002, 08:05 AM
Sweet, thanks for the info. I was lucky and heard about this going out of print, so I quit waiting for a price drop and bought the last one for $20. I'm happy with it, and my laserdisc player is bottom of the line, so dvd is the way to go if possible (esp. with the same extra content).