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03-28-2002, 08:29 PM
Well, If Coppola can do it - so can I. :cool:
Since the first "Best Dance Sequence Poll" was a huge success -

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Fun and original topic by the way

Originally posted by Mark Relford
Amazing Stuff! Hellbilly is the Andy Warhol of polls!

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This poll makes me wanna Boogie Woogie!

Originally posted by Jennifer Connelly
Helly, marry me!

Originally posted by David Lynch
He's a Genius. Billy is my only true inspiration.

Originally posted by rhett
Helly, marry me!

- I'd thought I'd give it another try.
So, for this updated "Redux" version I added some dance sequences I forgot to include the first time around thus got rid of the ones that didn't get any votes.
Let's do it again! ;)

03-29-2002, 04:07 AM
Evil Dead II by a long shot. Always loved that thing. Me and my friend just burst out laughing the first time we saw that :D.

Helly is my hero ;).

03-29-2002, 10:16 PM
Nothing (and I mean nothing) beats Jamie Lee's disco moves in Prom Night!

And Helly, that marry me post was supposed to be a private message! :D But since we are playing the posting other peoples quotes game, here is a good one from Helly:

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Damn Rhett, I wish I was Canadian!

03-29-2002, 10:59 PM
lol rhett.
You didn't get my quote right. Should have been like this:
Originally posted by HellbillyDeluxe
Damn Rhett, I wish I had some Canadian Bacon right now!
:p ;)

03-30-2002, 04:15 AM
i chose the people shreik in terror when I dance one, cuuuuuuuuuuz i love those damn rhythm video games (Dance Dance Revolution, Parapara Paradise etc) so i often look like a fool while dancing! ;)

Mark Relford
03-30-2002, 04:16 AM
Poor rhett...

I'm sticking with my original vote. (Linnea Quigley's graveyard strip tease. Yum!)

Wrong quote, billy. It should've been like this:

Originally posted by Mark Relford Amazingly inept stuff! Hellbilly is the John Russo of polls!

03-30-2002, 09:24 AM
:D :D :D
Mark, you son of a gun. Actually, there was another quote of yours:
Originally posted by Mark Relford
Hands off, rhett! Billy is mine!
lol, :D :p ;)

DefJeff, I probably would have voted for "Shriek" too, cuz I just don't got the moves. :(

03-31-2002, 02:18 PM
I went with Creepshow, only because it is so bad.