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06-02-2002, 03:18 AM
Before buying an LD, I always consider whether or not a particular movie has a chance of hitting DVD. Especially if it's an older LD that is P&S only. If it's a widescreen LD with a decent transfer, then I have much less worries about a future DVD.

I've been pretty lucky with my LD purchases. I tend to time things right, selling things long before a DVD is announced. For example, I've been considering purchasing The Stand miniseries Japanese import LD. The price has been holding me back and it ended up being far down on my "to buy" list, which is my luck - a DVD is in the works.

I dropped the ball with My Bloody Valentine. It's a very old P&S LD with a rather poor transfer. We all know Paramount is pretty good with releasing their back catalog titles, especially around Halloween. But still, I spent $40 for the LD on ebay. Now a DVD is announced with a 16x9 transfer. I decided to cut my losses and sell the LD, even if it's only $10. Better to lose $30 then $40, since I'm definitely going to buy the DVD. Well, after butting my copy up on ebay - along with about 3 other people - it doesn't sell for my $9.99 min. bid. Luckily, I came across someone looking to get rid of their Fearless Vampire Killers LD. I'm trading him My Bloody Valentine and Big Trouble in Little China DVD (I'll need to replace it soon since it's going OOP). Figure $40 for MBV and $15 for BTILC (going rate on epay), Fearless Vampire Killers cost me $55. But hey, at least MBV LD wasn't a total loss. I got something out of it. I just hope the movie is decent - I've never seen it.

Sorry for the long thread. :)

06-02-2002, 08:51 AM
I feel ya.
I paid $40 for my Fog LD last year, and it's gonna be straight shit now that the dvd is coming.
I'm gonna try ebaying it for some return, since lots of people there don't come here or other dvd sites that kick knowledge on upcoming stuff.

06-02-2002, 07:02 PM
I'm just going to keep my The Fog LD. I'm a big enough Carpenter fan to want both versions.

10-11-2002, 02:17 AM
Dave you paid $40 for that ld?? man I remember I got a huge lot of like 20 laserdiscs with the MBV included in it for about $25.

10-11-2002, 04:41 PM
It was just one of those ebay things where there were two bidders (me being one) that really wanted the disc. As a result, a minor bidding war took place. That's one of my problems with ebay. When I want something, I usually REALLY want it and will pay more as a result. I almost never wait and try to get it for a cheaper price when there are less interested people. Fortunately, I'm also very picky with what I buy on laserdisc, meaning I don't buy all that much and don't normally make bad decisions. Main factors for me:

1) Is it on DVD?

2) Does the DVD have the same, more, or less extras?

3) Is the DVD 16x9? Or is the DVD at least widescreen whereas the LD is P&S (usually only with movies from the 80s).

If the DVD is equal or superior in terms of supplements AND transfer, I'll always get the DVD. For example, I'd pass on The Thing: Signature Collection LD and get the SE DVD instead. Regardless of how cheap the LD is. Same with Psycho SE LD and SE DVD - I'll take the DVD. On the other hand, sometimes I'll own BOTH the LD and the DVD. Take BS Dracula. I own the Criterion LD for extras (transfer is from early 90s and it's not so good) and the Superbit DVD for the transfer/sound.

I choose not to buy a lot of lasers mainly to preserve my player as long as possible. Eventually I want to back everything up onto DVD - then my player can die in peace of it chooses to do so. And I do realize that not using my player all that much will potentially cause belts to go on the inside, but that's a minor repair I could probably do myself (bring the belt to a shop that will measure belts to a custom length, install, and have a nice day). What I want to preserve is the motor inside that cause those big 12" disc to spin like a mofo.

Everyone has their own formula. That is part of mine. With MBV I was just sloppy. I wanted to see it, so I rushed into buying it. I knew Paramount would release it on DVD at some point.

This formula isn't 100% for me. Paff knows I'm a sucker for some of the last laserdiscs released and that I want to own some of them for nostalgic value alone. Same with Japanese discs, which lasted another year after domestic LD dried up. Hell, I just bought Lake Placid Jap. LD. But for $20 it's no big deal. I wouldn't spend a lot on such a LD when a perfectly good domestic DVD is available.

Another factor is if a particular LD isn't on DVD, is it GOING to be on DVD in the future? Because once it is, say goodbye to any value the LD had (I lucked out with MBV - that was an exception).

Do I buy or hold with Fearless Vampire Killers? I think that will hit DVD. Will the extras (the LD was from MGM, but Warner owns it now) make it onto DVD? Could be a rights issue there. But I'm not a big fan of the movie, so it's a sell. Actually, I'll probably put it on ebay this weekend.

Do I buy or hold The Frighteners SE LD? I think this WILL come to DVD (current DVD is barebones theatrical cut), at least some of it. Universal would be fools not to cash in on P.J's popularity. If I had to guess, I would bet next year we'll see it. I think the documentary will be cut to 2-3 hours max., but the LD will still drop in price significantly (<$100, easily). But I'm a big enough fan of the movie and P.J. to want to hold onto this. I've bought and sold so many copies, I've broken even with it anyway. Hell, I pre-ordered this set when it was first announced. Then I sold it, bought a used copy for $29 (this is when it was mega-rare going for $300+), sold that, and finally bought Don May's copy for a semi-reasonable price. While I hate to sit on what could be ~$200.00 cash, I've decided to do exactly that.

Buy or sell Monster Squad WS LD? This has to hit DVD someday, but I'm starting to wonder if that will happen given all the inquiries I've made on it. So I'll stick with this LD. My son loves it, my new son will love it, and there's just too many of my own childhood memories from this one to let it go.

There are so many others. Laserdiscs SHOULDN'T BE looked at like the damn stock market, but that's exactly what has happened thanks to ebay. The collector part of me wants to hold on to them, but the financial part of me (now trying to improve his credit by paying off some old loans he wasn't so responsible on) wants to sell the valuable ones. In the end, the guage I use is how much I enjoy the movie and the extras. That alone determines if it's sold or kept.

Some sales are a no-brainer, but those are mostly DVD sales. The collector part of me isn't stupid enough not to sell the Army of Darkness 'Limited Edition' for ~$100, and then buy the two separate releases that are the samn damn thing for ~$30 total. :)

10-11-2002, 08:04 PM
I really don't put as much time into my selection process as Dave. Only difference is, if the extras are the same, I actually buy the Laser over the DVD, 'cause I think Laser is just cooler for some reason.
I didn't even know that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre LD was better than the DVD in picture quality, I just wanted to have that nice 2-disc gatefold from Elite in my collection. Major bonus when I found out that the transfer was better.

Of course, I always laugh at Dave and his My Bloody Valentine LD misfortune. I bought a copy a few years ago for $10. I wasn't impressed with the movie that much, and thought I could make a nice profit on E-Bay. Turns out I got $11 for it, for a whopping $1 profit. Had I known Dave was willing to shell out $40 for it, I'd have sold it to him for $20 and we both would have been happier.

In the end, I just don't spend a lot on Lasers. My two most expensive discs were Criterion editions of Silence of the Lambs and This is Spinal Tap. They were $50 each at Ross' Exchange. But I took advantage of Ross' generous trade-in policy, and traded him about $30 worth of stuff for each disc, so even then the cash layout was only about $20 each.

10-15-2002, 06:27 AM
man you guys need to check out my laserdisc collection and let me know of some stuff I need to pick up. I've been on a laserdisc stand still as of late. Avoid talking about the extremely high priced discs though, I don't got the money for those right now.

10-15-2002, 03:52 PM
Originally posted by Demon
man you guys need to check out my laserdisc collection and let me know of some stuff I need to pick up. I've been on a laserdisc stand still as of late. Avoid talking about the extremely high priced discs though, I don't got the money for those right now.

80% of my Laserdisc collection are films that I really like, but not well enough to drop $20+ on the DVD release. For instance, Dirty Harry. Great film, I've loved it since childhood, but I could've either bought the DVD for $25, or a used LD for $5. Easy choice for me. I think you should just peruse Ebay's LD selection from time to time for bargains, you'd be surprised at what you can find.

10-15-2002, 05:31 PM
Originally posted by Demon
man you guys need to check out my laserdisc collection and let me know of some stuff I need to pick up.

One thing I did notice missing was the original version of Suspiria. You can find it real cheap now. Even though the DVD blows away the LD in terms of picture, the sound on the Laser is amazing. And I like the cover art too.

Check out the listings at Big Emma (http://www.bigemma.com) and Ross' Exchange (http://www.rossexchange.com), two retailers who still openly buy and sell used Lasers

10-15-2002, 08:21 PM
I'd kill for a WS copy of Monster Squad.........

10-15-2002, 08:26 PM
Originally posted by KillerCannabis
I'd kill for a WS copy of Monster Squad.........

Dave offered a copy of it for sale recently. You should have jumped on it like a kind nug. http://www.horrordvds.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7780

10-22-2002, 11:39 AM
I don't have an ld player, but i'd really like to get my hands on Fearless vampire killers. I really love this movie, and i don't see it coming to dvd anytime soon.

10-23-2002, 08:05 PM
I really don't put as much time into my selection process as Dave.

I don't either.

I'm usually in it for a price cut. I can't even 'imagine' myself paying more than $12 for MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Granted, taste may be different or whatever, but even if it was NEVER coming to DVD, i just wouldn't pay that much for that 'specific' movie. It's an 'alright' slasher getting a second look, but not worth $40 from my wallet.

On that note, I agree with Paff's comments on some Laser Disc. I was always planning to keep my TCM laser disc no matter what. Had no intention of selling it. It was a bonus to find out it is the better version. And even if another DVD comes out that will be better than the LD i currently have, I'm still keeping it. It's just sweet. (not to mention signed by the cast from WEEKEND OF HORRORS :D ;) )

TCM2 is another one. I love the artwork for it! It is one of the SICKEST 'artwork' paintings i have seen on a horror film. It's just brutal!!

That doesn't mean, i prefer LD over DVD. It just varys on the actual movie title and what it has to offer. Its THE MOVIE not the format. And yes, some films I have the only 'version' on VHS.

For example, i think one version of "VAMP" on vhs has a bunch of stuff the DVD does not have. Not sure, but i think it does. Either way, when i do 'buy' VAMP, i'll probably keep my VHS as a reference tape for those items.

Hell, if my LD player broke, i'd still keep my LD collection. And eventually i'd pay to have it repaired or buy another.