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07-25-2002, 01:17 PM
anyone out there who can make a comment about the quality of these dvds?

Horror Classics #1: White Zombie

Horror Classics #2: Indestructible Man/The Amazing Transparent Man

Horror Classics #3: The Bat/House on Haunted Hill

Horror Classics #4: The Ape/British Intelligence

Horror Classics #5: King Of The Zombies/ Revolt Of The Zombies

Horror Classics #6: The Gorilla/ Nabonga

Horror Classics #7: The Corpse Vanishes/Devil Bat

Horror Classics #8: Dead Men Walk/ Monster Maker

07-25-2002, 03:22 PM
Ahhh, now somebody's talkin' my language! I love these Roan dvds! I'm not an expert on Poverty Row horror film, as these are considered, so I can't comment on any framing issues, but I can say that I haven't watched any that seemed unnecessarily "tight", meaning the framing looked fine to me, and not zoomed in too much. I am missing 6 and 7, dammit, so I can't comment on those at all.

I have watched The Bat/House on Haunted Hill, The Ape/British Intelligence, King Of The Zombies/ Revolt Of The Zombies, and Dead Men Walk/ Monster Maker so far, and from memory, I think the only problem I had with any of them was that one of the Zombies movies was a bit washed out, Revolt I think, but I can't remember for sure. Otherwise, I thought the prints on these were in great shape considering how old they are. Add to the age factor the fact that these weren't big moneymakers that demanded respect and proper care, as did the Chaney films, the Universal monster films, and so on. For the most part, across the board, contrast is good on these transfers, and the prints are very clean. I can only give the Roan collection my highest recommendation for fans of bottom shelf schlock horror (Roan also does several other genres, which all look just as good, so far as I've seen). But I'm going on first viewings, and my bad memory at that. I wasn't really critically watching these in the first place, so I may have given them more allowance than I remember. I don't want to steer anyone wrong Davros, so maybe I'll revisit a few of them this weekend, but really, I don't remember being displeased with any of them except for the one Zombie movie.

Now, about White Zombie. Any fan of either classic horror or Bela Lugosi is doing themselves a great diservice by not having in their possesion a copy of Carry Roan's White Zombie dvd. The movie looks crisp and clean, I mean, the thing looks like a new print! Seriously, if you've ever seen WZ before, and haven't seen Roan's WZ, you should be impressed. And if you've never seen WZ at all, then you're in for a treat. The movie is a bit slow, and the pace is pretty inconsistant, but Bela is menacing, the camera work is right on, and the story is, if nothing else, inventive, and at the time, innovative. As for the extras, I found the commentary absorbing and very informative, and the interview shorts with Lugosi quite fun.

Can you tell I like this disc. I say get it... now. :D

Roan rules!! :)

07-25-2002, 03:29 PM
wow, thanks for this awesome reply. thatīs more info than I expected to get...

my poor poor credit crad. looks like it will get beaten up again real bad this month ;)

again thanks :)

07-25-2002, 03:45 PM
Ha ha! You're welcome, and I know how you feel! My credit card and I get along far too well, and get into lots of trouble together. Anyway, I sure hope you're not planning on ordering from Troma. If you are, boy, have I got a story for you! Let's just say, you'll either get your shipment no problem, or you'll get it several months down the road... it just depends on how they're feelin' that week I guess. It's been a long time ago, and they promised they were gonna fix their "issues", but I haven't ordered from them since so I don't know, probably won't ever again, and probably won't ever get over the bad blood... but who knows, maybe they have changed their ways. The package deals are the way to go, if you actually get them.

Man, that was a big down note after my first post, huh? Well, I just wanted to warn ya, because I didn't want you runnin' off and getting into something you weren't expecting... and then come back and tear me a new one for not letting you know, lol.

07-25-2002, 03:50 PM
troma better not **** with me because Iīm in nyc quite often ;)
naw, donīt worry. since I live in germany I keep on ordering from dvdboxoffice (no custum charges/fast service et al)

again THANKS

07-25-2002, 03:53 PM
Whew! Rock on... live in Germany and are in NYC often??? Damn, what am I doing wrong? :(

You da man Davros! :D

p.s., oh, and you don't have to censor yourself here... FUCK FUCK FUCK! See? It's fun, try it. Hell, when talking about Troma, it's even mandatory. :)

07-25-2002, 03:56 PM
what you are doing wrong? you donīt run into the woman of your life at CBGBīs ;)

07-25-2002, 03:57 PM
fuck fuck fuck :D :D :D yeah ;)

07-25-2002, 04:06 PM
Now you've got it! :D

Originally posted by davros
what you are doing wrong? you donīt run into the woman of your life at CBGBīs ;)
Now, don't go rubbin' it in - ha ha!

Okay, I gotta go crash. See ya, and let us know what you think of the Roans when you get 'em.

Viva Ramones! http://www.horrordvds.com/vbulletin/images/icons/icon14.gif

07-26-2002, 08:47 AM
Well, it looks like I can't take my own advice Davros :o . I saw over at DVDTalk that Troma was having a Roan sale, so I stopped by to check it out. Sure enough, the ones I needed were on sale... so I caved and ordered :( .


If and when I do get them, I'll have most all of the Roan collection (I'm still missing Borderline, which Troma doesn't even offer for sale).

FYI, if you get hooked like I did, there are a few Roans that Troma doesn't offer, some are out of print, some Troma just doesn't know exist I think, lol. Anyway, you might want to pick these up second hand if you see them...

Rain (oop) - Joan Crawford; A morality play between a harlot and religious zealot who are thrown together on an island due to a quarantine.

The Big Lift (oop) - Montgomery Clift, post-WWII drama of American and British airlifts to aid Russia blockaded Berlin.

Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (old, not offered anymore... oop??) - Steve McQueen; Bad, bad movie! Bad script, bad photography, bad lighting, bad pace... but hey, it's a mega early Steve McQueen performance... http://www.horrordvds.com/vbulletin/images/icons/icon14.gif

The Fighting Sullivans (old, not offered anymore... oop??) - Don't let the cover fool you, there is hardly any war action here worth mentioning; but it's actually a fine film, about a group of brothers and a sister growing up together. The climax of the film is them going off to war together (no, they leave Sis back home) and tragedy befalls the family. Reportedly inspired Saving Private Ryan. Has a short audio introduction/commentary tribute, about 15 minutes long.

Film Noir of Anthony Mann Collection (old, not offered anymore... oop??) - Kickass set of hardboiled crime stories, includes T-Men, Raw Deal, He Walked By Night

Captain Kidd (new, not offered) - Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott; Crafty piracy on the high seas

Borderline (new, not offered) - Fred MacMurray, yep, from My Three Sons :) and Raymond Burr; Crime Noir

No, they're not horror, but they're not bad either. I haven't watched The Big Lift yet, or, obviously since I don't have it, Borderline, but the Noir collection was great, and might be more of interest to the horror crowd than the rest of these, and Captain Kidd was pretty cool too. Rain is full on drama, but the photography is great, and a hot young Joan Crawford plays her trashy character with abandon. Did I say hot? Yes, I did... Joan was once hot. Who woulda thunk it?

07-26-2002, 09:25 AM
holy shit, what are you trying to do to my credit card ? :eek: ;)

I ordered all my roan titles at dvdboxoffice.com yesterday. thatīs the best way for me because their prices around 12$ include postage to germany. and they ship via france, so no further custom fees. I saw the troma sale too, but with oversea shipping et al there aidnīt much of a bargain left.

for the OOP titles Iīll keep an eye open when in nyc, which is, thanks god, soon :)

I just hope that the up coming dvd fairs wonīt finally ruin me financially ;)

rock rock rockaway beach

07-26-2002, 11:36 PM
Heh heh heh... wha'dya think I'm doin'? Why, I'm takin' ya down with me! I'm not gonna go to my ruin alone! :D

Okay kids, I have some news here. We're all aware, those of you who've been around awhile now, of my resentment, disgust, vile contempt for Troma as a retail service provider, but what else did I receive in my email today than, that's right, a UPS ship confirmation for the order I placed... last friggin' night. Now, the email didn't have any items listed, so who knows if they got the order right, or if they even got my adress correct and legible (crayon gets messy real easy), but hey, that's a damn fast ship confirm. I'll report back whether they fucked up the order or did me right.

Til then, I'm stickin' to my guns... Roan rocks - Troma BLOWS. :)

08-06-2002, 01:53 AM
The verdict is in folks!

On the 25th, I placed an order for several Roan dvds with Troma.

On the 26th I got a ship confirmation, with tracking number, from UPS for the order.

Shortly thereafter, I placed a second order with Troma, this time for 3 Al Adamson Classics, and Fanatic (The Last Horror Film) with Caroline Munro (hubba hubba, oh yeah!) and Joe "Who made it?! The Shawk??" Spinell.

The next day, I got a ship confirmation, with tracking number, from UPS for this second order.

Troma never used to use the tracking function, so it was very reassuring to be able to go online and see exactly where the packages were, rather than just hoping that Troma had actually sent them.

Well, both packages arrived on their scheduled dates.

Now the moment of truth; would Troma fully redeem theirselves in my eyes? Did they get an order correct, or dare I hope, both?

When the first order arrived, I immediately tore into the box, checked the shipment, and they were all there. There were no doubles, they didn't short me a title... they actually got the whole order right!! I couldn't belive it, and to tell you the truth, I still have my doubts. Am I dreaming?

The second order arrived today, and after tearing into that one, I found that, astoundingly, it was correctly filled as well. Somebody pinch me, I bet I'm late for work!

Old habits die hard, and old grudges die harder, so I can't fully endorse Troma just yet, but I have to admit, on two orders in a row, in short time, they came through for me. Yes, they're still smoking crack in regards to the shipping charges, and I wish to hell they'd give us at least one shipping alternative to UPS, but hey, at least, maybe, now when someone wants to order from Troma, it won't be so traumatic. :)

08-10-2002, 12:36 AM

Auch überall unterwegs, hm? :D