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08-06-2002, 04:21 AM
......ordered "Black Blood" and "Horror Hotline" from HKFlix. I have to say that "Black Blood" looks freaky and quite whacked. Since I'm spending the weekend alone with the family shopping in Pennsy for the weekend, both films should arrive just in time as should my replacement disc of "Inner Senses" which HKFlix informed me has shipped out. So, it will be an Asian Horror weekend especially since the Brentwood Boxsets were pushed back to 8/20!

08-06-2002, 09:22 PM
Score. I have a huge list of Asian horror titles that I need to buy/watch soon. At the top of my list right now is Freeze Me. I saw the DVD at Tower, but of course they wanted $29, so I figured I'd try to find it elsewhere. Post a short review of those flicks you ordered so us fiends can know if they're worth the buy.

08-06-2002, 11:58 PM
Will do! :)

DVD Connoisseur
08-07-2002, 12:00 AM
KillerCannabis, are you "multi-region"?
DDD House have the R3 version for a fraction under $16 plus shipping....

08-07-2002, 08:33 AM
It must have been a year or more since I watched Black Blood but I remember it as having its fair share of creepy moments. After reading this thread I'm tempted to dig out my VCD and revisit the film. I didn't think Horror Hotline quite lived up to the hype surrounding it, but I have to say my enjoyment of the film was slightly marred by the truly terrible English subs on the DVD, which seemed worse than usual for a Hong Kong disk. The film is certainly more sober and serious in its intentions than most Hong Kong horror product, so it could be that I need to sit down and give this film another chance too. Given that both these films can be bought for peanuts from www.dddhouse.com they're certainly worth picking up.

08-11-2002, 06:49 AM
Well, I watched both films tonight and both were quite interesting in their own ways.

Black Blood - This was one of the more bizarre, twisted and confusing Asian Horror films I have seen to date and as my fellow Asian fanatics can attest to, confusion sometimes comes along with the territory. The story has something to do with a random kidnapping of a girl by some auto mechanic dude who does it because he needs money and because he dreamed about it for two weeks beforehand. The dude is suffering from mental illness and is plagued by hallucinations of ghosts who inhabit this old, condemned school he is holding the girl hostage in. Meanwhile one of the cops on the case is a clairvoyant(SP) who keeps getting visions of the school and feelings that the kidnap victim, his girlfriend by the way, is in danger. Then the girl starts seeing these ghosts and we learn thyat her family is cursed with "Black Blood" leading to a rather confusing conclusion. This is one film I think is only for the TRUE fan of Asian Horror. Otherwise, I can hear people saying that the movie sucked and was a waste of money and that is understandable. Still, I like weird and bizarre shit and this film delivered in spades. Frantic and frenetic direction and camerawork and truth be told, the film gave me a nervous and edgy feeling throughout. The DVD presentation does make it a chore to get through mainly because the subs are barely readable. There are English and Chinese subs but you don't have the option to choose. They both appear on the screen making the letters small and difficult to read. They seem to get lost in a sea of white also. The transfer is soft and not particularly sharp and the audio leaves a lot to be desired but it's passable. Still, for TRUE Asian fans only.

Horror Hotline: Big Head Monster - PLEASE don't let the title fool you! This is one spooky and creepy film! Well made and engrossing and instantly became one of my favorites. I won't give too much away but it basically concerns an urban legend about a baby born in 1961 with a large, deforemed head. The topic is brought up on a radio talk show called Horror Hotline at the same time an English TV crew is there to do a story on the show. Of course, the TV crew investigates the story and along the way, we get some creepy, surreal and spooky stuff. It's a deliberate film that some may find slow and unrewarding but it builds up such a nice atmosphere and spookiness that it had my attention throughout. The DVD is excellent with a razor sharp and clear picture and terrific sound. The subtitle translation could use a little work but it wasn't too bad though they did move fast so you gotta be quick. Here is something odd. When the film is about to reach it's conclusion, the disc stops and brings you to the menu screen for you to choose which ending you want to see. Either the theatrical ending or the alternate. You choose one and the film starts up again from the point of cutoff and shows you the ending you chose. I found this a little distracting as it interrupts the flow of the film a little. I would have rathered the film continue with the theatrical ending and then afterwards you could choose to see the alternate ending. I chose to watch the theatrical ending which I preferred and I could see where the comparisons to "Blair Witch" come in but not to that great an extant. Afterwards, I watched the alternate ending and it was ok. Not as good as the theatrical ending but quite bizarre in it's own right. Another weird thing is that the film and the theatrical ending are shown in widescreen but the alternate ending was fullscreen. Anyway, an excellent and creepy film that I would definately recommend. :)

08-11-2002, 03:34 PM
Horror Hotline really didnt do it for me, the thought of a big headed baby just amused me and it just came across as a blatant rip off of `Blair Witch Project` asian style which is highlighted at the end of the movie. :rolleyes: i wouldnt say i hated it, but i certainly wouldnt want to add it to my collection.
I though Kairo and Ring were far more intelligent and superior.

08-17-2002, 04:59 PM
I watched "Horror Hotline" again last night, this time with my Wife and Mother and I have to say that the more I watch the film, the more I like it. The movie is very subtle and deliberate but builds up this intense spooky, creepy and uneasy feeling. There is some bizarre stuff here but the movie is very serious and polished and the performances are excellent. If only the subs were translated a little better I would be totally pleased! I will admit that both the theatrical and alternate endings are quite confusing and don't answer many questions at all but it certainly seems to leave things open for a sequel. My Wife loved the film which is unusual since she really has a hard time with Asian cinema but she felt empty because of the ending. Still, I think Asian Horror fans will enjoy the film and I disagree completely with Slinker as I think the film takes what sounds like a silly topic and one which the American newscrew just happens to stumble on and presents it in an intelligent and atmospheric manner. :)