View Full Version : Question for those that have "My Bloody Valentine" DVD!

Joel Groce
08-30-2002, 08:40 PM
I already think I know the answer to this question, but just wanted to confirm my fears:

**Spoiler Ahead!**

Ok here's my question...obviously this version is the cut one - yet sometimes when a company goes to find the best source material possible for a DVD release, it ends up perhaps giving you a different cut of the film than the prior VHS release (as in the case of the original Friday the 13th). So...in the original "My Bloody Valentine", we HAD a closeup of the killer ripping his arm off at the end to escape being trapped in some rocks after a cave in or something. In the cut version, I guess you can't really notice this - again it's been awhile since I've seen this - I'm going off what I've read. Apparently this version has shown up in revivals of the film over the years such as in England. Well I'm wondering if this cut DVD features this segment at least even though it cuts out a significant amount of other gore such as a closeup of a guy getting a pickaxe through his head coming out of his eye and a cool beheading scene. Again, I thought you may have mentioned this if you noticed any thing different, but just wanted to make sure this was just the same as the original VHS.

08-30-2002, 09:37 PM
I'm about 99.9% certain that segment isn't on the DVD. I just watched it last night. I clearly remember when the killer is trapped under the rocks. The blonde girl runs back to see him. Then, suddendly, it cuts to a shot of the killer laughing and running away, ranting about this and that. I'll double check tonight to be certain.

08-31-2002, 04:36 AM
It didn't show him ripping his arm off on the dvd but at least it's not so dark like the vhs. Now you can at least see his arm is missing anyway.

Joel Groce
08-31-2002, 07:39 AM
Thanks Dave (good review by the way) and BD - since I imagine this is how the flick originally showed in many places and we are talking about Paramount here - I felt a more complete version would not be the case. In case anyone wants to know my source for this info - here's the link: http://www.south-over.demon.co.uk/Hysteria/campaignindexmbvmain.htm

- thanks go to Justin Kerswell for all his efforts in this regard.

08-31-2002, 08:03 AM
It's really sad that MBV didn't make it uncut for this DVD release though.
Ah well, still gonna pick up my copy next week, its been ages since I saw this film.