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12-17-2000, 09:25 PM
Regarding the article and recent talk about DVD co.'s like MGM not licensing all the extras previously available on Image or Criterion laserdiscs like HALLOWEEN, THE HOWLING and THE FRIGHTENERS.

I've owned laserdisc players for almost ten years, and have built up a pretty decent collection. I still seek out rare ones (just recently got THE HOWLING, and I'm still looking for the LIVING DEAD GIRL with commentary) on eBay and at used discs stores. Some of them were very expensive initially, and are even more so now because they are out of print. It sort of like a rare record collection.

This means I don't necessarily want to see a full-blown edition of THE HOWLING on sale on DVD for less than half of what I already paid for it on laser. That would be a piss off. I like to think there's still some value in many titles I've got on laser (Many Criterion titles for instance, will never pop up again in editions as good as on laser). Laserdiscs hold a special place in my heart, because they still are so superior to VHS or any tape format. They were more exclusive than DVD too. And we owe laserdisc company's like Image and Criterion everything for creation what is now known as THE SPECIAL EDITION.

12-18-2000, 01:30 AM
Although I share your feelings about lasers, your sentiments are going to be unpopular with the majority of DVD/Laser collectors, many of whom entered the hobby with the introduction of DVD in '97.

Some will have no interest in Lasers, equating them with audio 8-tracks and Beta. Others will not want to invest the time to learn the laser library or pay the inflated prices for desirable titles.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I wish some content would remain LD only, I just don't mind if it does, because I already have a large LD collection containing most of the titles I see brought up on this and other forums. I know the LD library fairly well and have the resources and interest to research it.

LD was/is cool and it is a point of pride to own something that not many others have.


12-18-2000, 02:04 AM
I too enjoy many rare laserdiscs in my collection, but I'd rather see them on DVD for the masses to enjoy.

Fact is - most horror fans either can't afford laserdisc or can't justify investing in it at this point in the game. Yes, there's a good chuck of titles available on LD only (either supplements, movie or both), but often it isn't enough to justify the purchase.

You are right though - generally when it comes out on DVD the LD becomes worthless. Today I could sell my Frighteners SE for $150-$200 easy, but if the DVD comes out I'll be lucky to get $40 for it. But hey, that's part of life. If the lasers are still special to you then that's all that counts.

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12-18-2000, 09:52 PM
As one of those who joined the "laser" world with DVD (Christmas 98), I'll offer up this $.02...

I think one of the great things about DVD is availability. I don't know much about laserdiscs, and I'm more than happy to tip my hat to the creators of the SE.

But I spent *years* wishing I could afford a laserdisc player and the SE disc of "Aliens," one of my two all-time favorite movies, just to see the extra footage, which I think changes the storyline dramatically in an important place.

Now I'll admit, being an adult (as opposed to a high school student/college student) makes it easier to afford a player, but getting my extra footage on a (from what I understand) better image/sound format for a quarter the price was heaven.

So I can understand why someone who spent a lot of money on LDs would want some kind of reward in terms of unique features (think how it would/will suck if/when DVD is trumped...) but the argument smacks of elitism (I don't mean that personally) in terms of wanting to deny people the access to special features because they couldn't afford or didn't have the foresight (or whatever the reason) to buy LDs that are now out of print.

If you want LD features to be LD only, that's OK, but don't begrudge DVD buyers the privelege of the SE - I don't care if the documentary/commentary/whatever is new or old, if it's good.

And I don't want to be harsh about buying a format that isn't doing well being your tough luck if the stuff comes out cheaper on a different format. That's an argument unto itself and I really don't want this to seem personal. I'm just raising points.

OK, maybe that's $.03. http://www.horrordvds.com/forum/smile.gif

12-18-2000, 10:19 PM
I agree with everything said here. I just get tired of hearing people whine about stuff from special edition lasers not being readily available on DVD. Lasers were and still are a fine format. I actually prefer the 5.1 audio on many of my laserdiscs to the sound on DVD. Although DVD is certainly the most important format in my current collection, I still respect the pioneering special edition format. that's all.

12-19-2000, 12:56 AM
Well Indie, there are many titles that will never have the extra stuff that was on LD onto their DVD release. for example JAWS SE, the docuemtnary is longer, and I serious DOUBT HBO DVD will re-release TALES FROM THE HOOD with the audio commentary on the LD onto the DVD (as it isnt on the current DVD). Ditto for ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, HALLOWEEN, and looks like FOG and HOWLING.

Same for SCARFACE, as I seriosly doubt MCA will re-master it, and look at GIA, I doubt HBO will release the unrated version on DVD, liek they did with LD. OR JADE< the directors cut, or WHISPER IN THE DARK directors cut, HELLRAISER 2, the different audio commentary, etc.

I think even after 5 years from now, there will still be more than enough LD versions that in material wise, superior to the DVD version.