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01-07-2001, 09:57 AM
Now I might be wrong in this, BUT my memory serves me collect, the old Embassy BLADE RUNNER VHS and LD has more violence than the (at the time) cable and theatrical release.

then the Criterion came out, it was widescreen, but used the theatrical cut, thus removing the violence.

Now the directors version came out, took out the voice over, added some new scenes and ending, but the violence was still cut.

Now is the new version also going to add the violence back? Or is the old P & S LD worth something now?

DVD Connoisseur
01-07-2001, 03:19 PM
ArrowBeach, was the violence cut out of both the Criterion versions of Blade Runner? I have the double LD CAV version and thought it was more violent than the UK theatrical release. I can't remember now if it had the shot of Daryl Hannah's fingers up Harrison Ford's nose, etc, but it seemed quite complete.

01-07-2001, 03:46 PM
well, lets just say that there are as many versions of Blade Runner as there are of Dawn of the Dead. More. here are the highlights:

1. The Denver/Dallas/U.K. Sneak Preview of Blade Runner:
a super-rare version of the film from March 1982. there is no happy ending sequence, and the only voiceover comes at the very end of the film. this was, basically, a screening of the workprint.

2. 1982 U.S. Theatrical Release:
the version most of us saw first.

3. 1982 International Release:
it actually contained a bit more violence than what we got here in the States and Canada. There was a Criterion laserdisc available with this version. all other laserdisc versions of the film (except Director's cut) are the standard US 1982 theatrical release.

4. Videotape release prior to 1993:
They contain the International Release.

5. Director's Cut
Ridley Scott has gone on record stating that he feels that this is, still, not his true vision of the film.

there are more versions out there (a US cable tv version), but these are the basics.

the skinny is that Ridley Scott is reworking the film for the DVD release. there are lots of rumors, but the one that is the most solid is that he will be taking his Director's Cut and adding the violence back in.

i've mentioned this before in my 'new releases' thread, but there is enough Blade Runner material out there to easily fill up 2, if not 3 discs. nevermind T2, Seven, or Fight Club. i cannot think of another film that has more misc. shit floating around out there. there are a ton of deleted scenes. i'm serious. i keep seeing new ones posted on the net every few months or so. artwork, storyboards, alternate music takes, rare trailers never seen in the states, a zillion behind the scenes shots and video. etc. etc.

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01-07-2001, 08:22 PM
I recently caught half of a new documentary screened on Channel 4 in the UK, all about Blade Runner. It featured interviews with most of the cast, Ridley Scott, the production team, etc. Part of the documentary was concerned with the scenes that never made it to the big screen, for example, the documentary featured a scene with Deckard visiting a hospitalised Holden.
I can't remember if the death of the first replicant was ever filmed - budgetry factors probably prevented it...didn't a replicant "die" trying to jump ship? (The number of replicants doesn't add up in the film, does it?)

There were rumours of a sequel a few years back. A lot of it was probably internet produced gossip but a sequel would be very cool. It wouldn't even have to feature the same characters, the star of the film was that spectacular city. I think the possibilities are endless.

Given Scott's love of Blade Runner, surely he must re-visit this hi-tech world?