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Cujo108 06-03-2003 06:29 AM

I saw this about two years ago after searching for a copy for what seemed like forever, and I was not at all disappointed by this true gem of a movie. Director Kaneto Shindo fills the film with a superbly uncomfortable atmosphere It's a truly remarkable film.

The demon mask is a freaky indeed, and the hell it causes is quite unnerving. The acting is also superb on all fronts, and the film has a sinister, foreboding mood to it that lasts throughout the entire film. This is genre filmmaking at its finest if you ask me, and if any of you have not seen this film, I suggest you seek it out as soon as possible. Believe me, this is one of the finest classics of Asian horror cinema. A masterwork of horrifying insanity. What do you all think of it?

gorelover 06-03-2003 10:38 AM

I totally agree, this movie kicks a**! Got it on VHS but want it on DVD - which DVD release would you recommend?


Cujo108 11-18-2003 01:03 AM

I just bought the region 2 DVD recently, and I'm damn happy to have this classic on DVD! Seriously, I'm surprised that everywhere I go, almost nobody has seen this utter gem. It is one of the absolute best of Asian horror, and is the creepiest black and white film I've seen, and both of those remarks are saying a lot. Take it from me. If you haven't seen this film, seek it out. I seriously doubt you'll be disappointed. I talked Chi into checking it out in the chat, and hopefully this post will prompt others to do so as well.

Deaddevilman 11-18-2003 04:08 PM

Onibaba is great. The story is still told by parents today to their children. Whenever our kids are acting up we tell them to settle down or Onibaba is going to get you. Pioneer has been releasing a lot of classic Japanese horror, unfortunately all Region 2, with English subtitles. The last time I looked there was close to 15/20 different releases. The classic Jigoku is also part of the series.

Ash28M 11-18-2003 04:25 PM

I've wanted to see this for a while. After hearing some of your comments it's going to the top of the ''movies to see" priority list.

gorelover 11-18-2003 06:52 PM

I purchased the Asmik Ace DVD some time ago and although it was a little expensive I'm really pleased with it. Although it's a japanese release it's got English subs.


etale 11-21-2003 07:19 AM

Is it out in R1?
I read about it in Ivan Butler's book on horror films and always wanted to see it.

thrashard76 12-23-2003 05:47 AM

Cool dude, it sounds like a great release.

Cujo108 12-23-2003 05:55 AM

I just read some news that made my night! Criterion is going to release this masterpiece. No release date or features confirmed yet, but here is the cover:


I can't fucking wait!

DefJeff 12-23-2003 06:10 AM

That cover is fantastic. I can't wait to hear what is going to be annouced for this one. I'll definitally be picking it up.

gorelover 12-23-2003 10:04 AM

If the release keeps what the cover promises I'll probably have to purchase this movie a second time. ;)


Cujo108 12-24-2003 06:59 PM

Here are the excellent sounding specs for this classic's releases:


gorelover 03-16-2004 05:09 PM

I hope we're gonna read a review here soon. :)


Cujo108 03-17-2004 08:24 AM

Got the disc today. The transfer is absolutely gorgeous, and really does the fantastic black and white cinematography justice.

ArtofFighting 03-17-2004 05:40 PM

I'm glad to hear so many good things about this film as I've been interested in seeing it for quite some time. The fact that I've recently started a tattoo sleeve depicting several Oni mask only increases my desire to see it. I must have that Criterion disc now!

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