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Cujo108 07-12-2003 11:36 PM

Halloween III- one of the most underrated films ever!
I think Halloween III: Season of the Witch is one of the most underrated films in the history of horror. Its easily the best of the Halloween sequels, and to be perfectly honest, I actually prefer it over the original film as well.

The plot is the epitomy of originality, and the film has an overwhelming sense of dread. This film has always creeped me out way more than Michael Myers ever could. The eerie little town, the quiet assassins, the whole look and feel of the film,... it alls adds up to major unease. The amazing score only strengthens the unnerving nature of the film. Its such a perfect fit.

Speaking of the score, I absolutely adore this film's opening credits sequence. The dread-inducing score playing as the jack-o-lantern forms in the background just works perfectly for me. One of the all time classic opening credits sequences IMO.

I've always loved Tom Atkins, and he is just wonderful in HIII. If anyone ever deserved to have a bigger name for themselves in the genre, its this guy. Moving on, Dan O'Herlihy is perfect as Conal Cochran! He nails the role so brilliantly, and comes across as very mysterious and sinister. His speech to Atkins about the true meaning of Halloween is just classic acting. He also has one of the coldest stares I've seen. I wouldn't hesitate to call him one of the best villains in all of horror.

Some of the deaths in this film disturbed me, which is a pretty hard thing to do. The kid's mask death was absolutely grotesque. We don't even really see blood or anything, but its just nasty as hell. Then there's the homeless guy's demise. The way he's basically executed really gets to me, as does the way the assassin just pulls his head right off. The misfire death was fucked up too. Very bizarre stuff, and certainly creative.

The ending is pure perfection. I couldn't, nor would I want to come up with a more appropiate, downbeat ending. It works beatifully, and is very much in tone with the rest of the film.

On a brighter note, the Silver Shamrock commercial rules! I love that song! Also, I think the film's homage to Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a groovy little touch.

Anyway, I really think this is an incredible film. Its unnerving, creative, and just plain classic. At least in my eyes anyway. I'll never understand why some people tore this film apart just because they wanted more retread sequels. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the later sequels, especially 4. That's just a pitiful reason to hate a film IMO, especially one that is so original.

r_burgos2003 07-12-2003 11:40 PM

Couldn't agree with you more! I love this flick. I enjoyed how they weren't afraid to kill children (the ultimate taboo) and the opening credits with the pumpkin being made electronically was great.

Werner Von Wallenrod 07-13-2003 12:09 AM

I definitely dig it.

As far as special editions go, there's that R2 disc, with commentary the same 2:35 anamorphic transfer.

RyanPC 07-13-2003 12:26 AM

Well, I don't feel it's as good a film as you do, but I still like it a lot. I thought they should have continued the series in this direction: Keep Halloween 1, 2, and 3 the same as they are now, and continue the series with other spooky Halloween themed stories, instead of going on with Michael Myers. I do like Part 4 and the rest to an extent (with the exception of the dog shit that is Part 6) but felt it would be interesting to try my idea, make it something refreshing and new each time. It would have been very interesting.

DefJeff 07-13-2003 12:50 AM

Couldn't agree more Cujo! I recently viewed this again due to you praising it in the chat, and I enjoyed it about 100x more then I remembered. I would love to get a SE of this released!

Zodiac-Mindwarp 07-13-2003 01:08 AM

I love Halloween 3 as well. It is my second favorite movie in the series, with part 1 still holding down the top spot.

As for your comment Ryan, I do seem to remember that Carpenter had originally wanted to do a "different" movie each year, with a Halloween theme, but not with Michael Myers. I also think that this would have provided us with a much more imaginative series that when we have now. Do not get me wrong, I actually like most of the Halloween series, and I am sure that with my collecting habits I will one day have all of them on DVD. :)

Atmims 07-13-2003 01:12 AM

I also liked it. I can see where some people would be dissapointed in it though. My cousin said he went to the theater to see it and he though he was in the wrong theater. I'm sure it confused the hell out of alot of people.

Wolf Man 07-13-2003 01:17 AM

The plan of doing a non-Michael Myers Halloween series would have worked much better if they had done just one Michael Myers movie. I think it could have been a great series of unconnected films, but with two episodes of Donald Pleasance chasing The Shape chasing Jamie Lee, people were extremely disappointed to see something with the Halloween name on it, but without Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis, and Laurie Strode.

I didn't enjoy Halloween 3 the first few times I watched it, but I like it a lot more now than I used to. For all its flaws, it still has a certain charm.

Coverdale 07-13-2003 01:54 AM

I like it too. I have the theory that had it been released as just "Season of the Witch" with no reference whatsoever to Halloween, it would have gone down as a minor classic.

Wolf Man 07-13-2003 02:54 AM

Well, "classic" (even "minor classic") might be going a little far, but at least it's not the steaming heap of shit I used to believe it to be.

JW77 07-13-2003 04:05 AM

I also liked it. While not a perfect film by any stretch, I found it to be unfairly maligned.

The "Silver Shamrock" masks were a nifty piss-take on the toy crazes of the early 80s. Anyone remember Cabbage Patch Kids?

Wolf Man 07-13-2003 04:13 AM


Originally posted by JW77
The "Silver Shamrock" masks were a nifty piss-take on the toy crazes of the early 80s. Anyone remember Cabbage Patch Kids?
Isn't that one in your avatar? Looks like one.

r_burgos2003 07-13-2003 06:57 AM

They should have released novelety masks during the premiere of the movie!

Revoltor 07-13-2003 08:12 AM

Very cool movie that creeped me out as a kid. I think I remember the hypno music being really creepy too.

Anything where kids get killed is creepy.

bigdaddyhorse 07-13-2003 08:32 AM


Originally posted by Wolf Man
Isn't that one in your avatar? Looks like one.
Close, but that's Arseface in homeboys avatar. Check out the "Preacher" comics for more Arseface fun!

Great avatar BTW!

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