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rhett 10-20-2001 08:51 PM

Best Shock Ending
Perhaps one of the main elements that can make of break a horror film is its ending. Everyone remembers that one ending that shocked you and threw you off guard. So I thought it would be neat if we could rate a few of the classic shock endings.

I realize not everyone's pick is there, but just work with what's up there, it is never any fun when people vote Other!

So take a deep breath and vote at your own risk! :)

Hellbilly 10-20-2001 10:54 PM

omg! its a b....!
mine is the naked truth ending in Sleepaway Camp. like i said in another thread before, this ending always gives me the creeps...i also liked Carrie's ending, even though i knew what was going to happen when i saw it for the first time.

how bout the ending in City of the Living Dead ? kinda surprising and disappointing at the same time...

cool poll rhett, could have been one of mine ... ;)

Doombear 10-21-2001 05:05 AM

The first time I saw Friday the 13th, the shock ending almost made me hit the roof!

Mark Relford 10-22-2001 07:20 AM

Nice poll, rhett.
Sleepaway Camp's ending takes the cake. Friday the 13th would be my second choice. Miner's sequels aped that classic ending with mixed results.

slinker 10-22-2001 08:14 AM

Great idea for a poll, out of all of these choices i would have to choose the ending to `The Wickerman` clever stuff and pretty unnerving! but my favorite shock ending of all time is the maniac killer at the finale of `Dont Look Now` *shiver* now thats the stuff nightmares are made of :eek:

gusse 10-22-2001 10:58 AM

Have'nt seen all of the mentioned movies, but out of the ones I have seen I'd have to go with Night Of The Living Dead! Talk about a perfect downbeat ending!! Sad, simple and nihlistic as hell - thats the stuff dreams are made of ;)

RAYMOND BUSH 10-22-2001 11:11 AM

Wow! Happily suprised not to hear mention of SIXTH SENSE or THE OTHERS!!

Peter Vincent 10-22-2001 03:57 PM

I voted "Night Of The Living Dead". That ending wuz more of a "pisser" than a "shocker"! After homie went through all that sh*t.......tsk, tsk, tsk!!!

rhett 10-23-2001 05:24 AM

Wow, glad to see all the results so close!

As for my vote, I am in the same boat as Mark (as usual :) ). Sleepaway Camp rules the roost, with Friday a close second. In Friday the 13th you could kind of see it coming...with the open shot of the girl in the lake and the upbeat music, but in SC it all came out at you before you really had any time to contemplate it.

It is a tough pick though, I really like all the endings!

As far as The Sixth Sense...it was either that or COS, and since (SPOILER) COS did that ending more than 40 years before Sixth Sense, I thought it deserved the recognition. :)

calpurnia 10-27-2001 05:22 AM

I for one will never keep the Wicker Man waiting.
A shock ending that qualifies as truly disturbing (listen to the goats literally screaming as Chris Lee and Gang merrily hum along.
The ending kept me in horrified tears, and its a good thing.
the Lim. ED has the whole shebang on the end.
I recommend it to die-hard Catholics:rolleyes:

ctyankee 11-02-2001 04:27 AM

I give my nod to Carrie. I always was cocky about never ever jumping during a horror movie growing up. Well ... I left my guard down at the end of Carrie and ... boy did I jump ... my butt left the seat... winner!

dwatts 07-26-2003 08:00 PM

Hm - out of those, Wicker Man.


Tawny 07-26-2003 09:25 PM

I voted Sleepaway Camp.But I always remember the ending of Friday 2 being one of the scariest scenes.When they are petting Muffin, and everything seems like its gonna be OK, and the "it's okay" music is playing when all the sudden, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, here comes you know who.:eek:

onebyone 07-27-2003 02:54 AM

All these movies kick ass, but my vote is for Sleepaway Camp. I saw that when I was quite a youngster and I was totally blown away. I mean, really. :eek1:

Jamm 07-27-2003 01:53 PM


Wow! Happily suprised not to hear mention of SIXTH SENSE or THE OTHERS!!
Could it be that the endings of these movies weren't shocking at all??

Wicker Man gets my vote too.

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