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KillerQ 12-05-2001 09:14 PM

Blair Witch Project
Someone stated in the "what pushes your buttons thread" I was personally disappointed with BWP due to the ridiculous amount of hype associated with it "

I just wanted to say that i agree exactly... That movie came out during my huge obsession with "underground" and "independant films" - so had followed the BWP for months and months before it was released. Given all the hype, i was built up to expect somethign totally huge and shocking. I even reserved special tickets to a midnight pre-release screening -- needless to say i was totally let down. It was actually the first movie that i allowed myself to go to the bathroom during -- not worrying about missing anything. What pisses me off even more than the above, is the fact that the people associated with the film tried to pass it off as real...AND PEOPLE BELOEVED THEM....Gimmie a damn break. There were people crying weeks after the films released because they felt sorry for the missing people.... damn -- settle down. I guess Black and white + shakey camera equals "oh my gosh, this is real, lets watch."

Has anyone noticed that in the past 2 years, the "reality" TV shows have taken off -- if you look they all have a few things in common....odd camera angles and a SHAKEY camera shot.... totally over done... makes me sick. AARRGGHH.. I have to shut up now, because i can rant about this forever. Maybe i cant stand people that are totally gullable to otherwise asenine concepts....

Dont yell at me,


Trout 12-05-2001 10:00 PM

Re: Blair Witch Project

Originally posted by KillerQ
There were people crying weeks after the films released because they felt sorry for the missing people....
How would they feel after seeing Cannibal Holocaust?

Shannafey 12-05-2001 10:05 PM


Originally posted by KillerQ
Dont yell at me,


Yell at You? I wholeheartedly agree with you!!!!

gunner 12-05-2001 10:06 PM

I looked at Blair Witch like a carnival side show.You know,the big poster of a man eating spider...then you pay your cash,and enter the tent only too see an old,dusty stuffed dead spider made by a taxidermist 3 decades before.The Blair Witch Project is simply a fine example of how marketing can rocket film sales. Years ago theater owners would hire people to protest a film saying it was "Repulsive","Should Be Banned",etc. just to sell tickets.I kind of like how Artisan proved that despite having a smarter more high tech. society you can still herd them in like cattle.
I,like you kept myself updated on Blair Witch throughout it's production,before they had a distributor.Anyone who read Fangoria already knew that the Blair Witch legend as well as the missing docu. filmmakers was all fictitious and made up for the film.I tried to tell some people but they were totally brainwashed by the scifi special,website hype.So I just decided to shut up,sit back and enjoyed the panic.
I was hoping that we'd see more "mocumentaries" hit the theaters trying to cash in on the craze but I guess they just figured lightning would only strike once.

Taube 12-05-2001 10:45 PM

Re: RE:

Originally posted by gunner

I,like you kept myself updated on Blair Witch throughout it's production,before they had a distributor.

And you guys dont think that had anything to do with why you were dissapointed with the movie?

I knew NOTHING about the flick when I saw it, so expected little, and was thus given alot more than I could have hoped for.

IMO, it was a very scary movie... but it all depends, thats all Im saying...

Andrew 12-05-2001 11:48 PM

I was in the middle of the hype (Maryland) so I was almost sure I'd be let down.

Was I?

Nope :D. I love this movie.

Agent Z 12-05-2001 11:55 PM

Ignoring the marketing hype that preceded it (which was actually a great marketing plan) and judging the final film on its own merits, The Blair Witch Project was a very effective horror film. I appreciated the way TBWP maintained a steady level of suspense without resorting to a big "monster reveal" moment. I also enjoyed the ambiguity of the film's conclusion. BTW, I only just recently caught "The Curse of the Blair Witch" special, which was a Sci-Fi channel promo, and was surprised to find myself being spooked by it! Never thought a promo would get my imagination to wander like that!

jmc 12-06-2001 12:58 AM

I enjoyed BWP for what it was. The whole thing was built on a gimmick, but for me that's what made it work. Because of that, I felt it had a lot in common with the exploitation films of yesteryear--much more than the majority of horror films released in the last decade if not longer. But since it was mostly gimmick, the movie doesn't have much staying power for me. And I agree, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST was first, and better. What tickled me was that one of the major news magazines [either TIME or NEWSWEEK, can't remember which] mentioned CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST in a cover story on the Blair Witch phenomenon.

Cujo108 12-06-2001 12:59 AM

The Blair Witch Project is an absolutely excellent film by all means! I have seen tons of horror films, and Blair Witch is the only one to scare me totally, other than the classic Black Christmas. A new classic in my book! Anyone that I knew who actually thought it was real, I would add to the legend because it was fun leading them on. :p

David666 12-06-2001 01:32 AM

In an age of horror films that are, perhaps jumpy and get your heart going in certain scenes, The Blair Witch Project was the film that clearly displayed that a slow mounting terror could be achieved without resorting to CGI tactics that some people only think are scary. The behind the scenes footage of The Haunting remake shows a band of talent getting together under the delusion that they were making something that was going to be truely scary. It wasn't. The "hype" behind the Blair Witch Project was in essence no different then the advertizing techniques utilized by the big studios to promote their summer crap, and lets face it films like Armageddon, The Haunting, Gone in 60 Seconds, Pearl Harbor and their ilk are, indeed, crap! But their promotion utilized a "masterpiece" tactic that many people bought into as well. had the masses not bought into that tactic, those films would NOT have been the hits they were. The Blair Witch Project, unlike those other films, was a success. I found it to be truly frightening, weaving a spine-crawling, slowly growing sense of absolute dread with a payoff that was really a payoff. So many over-hyped films give shitty payoff. It's like every other film, it worked for some people and didn't for others. That's fine, but the backlash bandwagon against this film comes across as stark hypocracy most of the time. AND, if this film was such a let down, so badly made and so forgettable as I have heard some people say, then why is it that those same people are still talking about it years after it's release?

Really, the only difference between this film and others is the fact that it was able to weave a spell that cast a mass believability over it's world. Isn't that the goal of film, to make the world of it so believable that people get emotionally caught up in the story? The Blair Witch succeeded where most Hollywood productions fail. That isn't a reason to not like the movie.

rhett 12-06-2001 02:05 AM

When BWP came to theatres the hype was unbelievable. Adults, teens and even the elderly in my town were proclaiming what a great film it was...but I never went and saw it. Because usually, when there is hype that big, the film is either mainstream garbage, or the film is actually really good, but they hype ultimately diminishes ones enjoyment towards the film. So in either case, I opted to wait for video, when the hype was gone and it won a Razzie :) , and needless to say, I really enjoyed it. I found it extremely original, and in a time of gore and disclosing the killer, it was refreshing to see a movie where you don't see the killer, and don't really know much about 'it' either (a la Black Christmas). It was great to see a film focussed on sheer suspense and atmosphere rather than trying to scare with visuals. I just finished watching it again the other day, and I still enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it!

Vamp 12-06-2001 02:10 AM

I only saw the commercials for the movie, went to the movie.. Then was totally upset that I wasted my money on it.

My family, many of who thought "What Lies Beneath" was scarey, laughed at TBWP...

Though I thought the first one was horrible, I bought the sequel--and loved it. It's not an all-time-favorite of mine.... But I still liked it, it had a Fight Club-ish feel to it, and I loved that movie.

Agree or disagree, everyone has their own oppinions. :)

Andrew 12-06-2001 02:23 AM

Oh yeah, thought the sequel was almost as good if not equal to the first. I liked them both for completely different reasons though.

Cujo108 12-06-2001 02:34 AM

Rhett, as I stated in my previous post, Blair Witch and Black Christmas are the ONLY two films to ever absolutely terrify me. The fact that we never see the enemy in both films is a huge part of what makes them so damn scary for me. They are definitely two true masterpieces of the genre. YES, I called Blair Witch a masterpiece, because that is what I think it is, so sue me! People who constantly bash this classic get on my last nerve.

Agent Z 12-06-2001 03:30 AM

Somebody found What Lies Beneath "scarey", or scary for that matter? :D I thought that WLB was a good film for cinema appreciation class....in that it provided a good exercise for students to point out all the sources that it borrows from (i.e. Ghost Story, Carpenter, Hitchcock, and so on). I still couldn't get over the box office that WLB received and the equally strong critical panning from the professional critics; sometimes those two variables don't relate. Oh well, Z-Man was good for the Back to the Future trilogy, but maybe horror and suspense aren't his forte.

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