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Shawn Francis 05-10-2011 01:48 AM

Inbred (Poster & Trailer)

PLOT: Alex Chandon's Inbred follows a disparate group of young urban offenders and their care workers who embark on a community service weekend in the strange, remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. A minor incident with some locals rapidly escalates into a blood-soaked, deliriously warped nightmare for all involved.

Steel76 05-10-2011 01:09 PM


I love movies about inbred maniacs :D

shift 05-11-2011 04:39 AM

Sweet,,,,,, when does it come out?

Shawn Francis 05-14-2011 10:20 PM

No clue. I just checked their facebook page and there are a few posts asking about when it's going to be released, but no resposnes by whomever is running the page. That dude with half his skull missing was freaky. And, he still looked pretty spry too, for a dude that just has his head ventilated, I mean.

ReelFear 02-17-2013 11:51 PM

This is a fun "redneck horror" that is ULTRA gory, sick, twisted, and nasty. I was impressed. There's a R2 DVD out there, and Inbred is worth watching for the splatter alone!

Dobby 02-18-2013 05:09 AM

My boyfriend looks like a balding inbred Cyclops very handsom.

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