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Paff 01-31-2013 10:00 PM

First disc purchased/watched
I thought I did a thread on this a while ago but couldn't find it. So since it's a little slow here, let's do it again.

It's always an exciting moment when you adopt a new video format into your home theater. Especially the first time you upgraded from ol' VHS tapes to a disc format. So, what were the first discs you purchased and/or watched when you got your brand spankin' new Laserdisc, VCD, DVD, HD-DVD, or Blu-Ray player?

My list:

LD - first purchased Pulp Fiction, first watched Miller's Crossing
DVD - purchased Hell Night, watched Go
Blu-Ray - purchased and watched Inglourious Basterds

Grim 01-31-2013 10:07 PM

My first DVD that I watched was one of three I received for Christmas. It was the Beyond.

I can't quite remember what my first HD-DVD was, but since I had the HD-DVD add-on for the 360, I'm going to assume it was the King Kong disc that came with it.

My first blu-ray was Total Recall. I had just bought my PS3 and a bunch of Lions Gate titles were on sale.

Anthropophagus 01-31-2013 10:09 PM

DVD: Psycho (1960)
Blu-Ray: Taken

Chomp 01-31-2013 10:16 PM

I never bought any LD’s but I remember one of my rich childhood buddies had a theater room with a LD player. We stayed up all night watching Showgirls and Striptease. That was my only experience with the format.

First DVD: Halloween (2-Disc Limited Edition) was first watched as well.
First BD: Spider-man III (came with the PS3)…pretty sure I watched that first…It could have been Batman Begins as well…can’t really remember.

Mutilated Prey 01-31-2013 10:52 PM

DVD - Bill Cosby Himself and Texas Chainsaw Massacre Special Edition. Watched in that order.

Blu-Ray - Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and Halloween. Halloween was the first watched.

I came late to the DVD world, but very early into Blu-Ray because of the PS3.

wago70 01-31-2013 10:55 PM

VHS: Rentals - Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Zombie (Wizard circa 1983).
Purchases - Halloween, The Funhouse (circa 1983)

LASERDISC: Rentals - When A Stranger Calls, From Beyond.
Purchases - Bird With the Crystal Plumage, Madonna Blond Ambition

DVD: Purchases - Halloween II and III (GoodTimes issue), Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero (Simitar), Jaws the Revenge (Simitar)

Blu-Ray: Halloween, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead

Dobby 01-31-2013 10:57 PM

I also came pretty late into the video format.

First viewed LD was Daffy Ducks Fantastic Island
First VHS Haunting of Julia purchased few years ago cheap!
First DVD watched rented Toxic Avenger $1 rental
First DVD purchased Vampyr (The Criterion Collection)
First Blu was Friday The 13th Part 3

Anaestheus 01-31-2013 11:00 PM

This is going back in memory, so there may be inaccuracies.

First VHS watched - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. It was 1980. I was ten. We lived on Doritos and Big Gulps. They were glorious, magical times. Although it may have been a Betamax tape now that I think back.

First VHS bought - Cafe Flesh. I had figured out pretty quickly how to copy tapes, so I had a huge collection of dubs. But, I saw a copy of this for something like $5 in a bin at a video store. And, being a huge fan of the film, I had to buy it. It is actually the only VHS tape I ever bought.

First LD watched: was Tarkovsky's Solaris. I had found an old Magnavox LD player in the trash somewhere and we rushed it home and then ran out and rented Solaris from Tower Records.

First LD bought: the Criterion Box set for Brazil. That's actually the set the caused me to jump on board

First DVD watched: Ghost in the Shell - a buddy of mine showed me a disc comparison between his LD and newly purchased DVD. He also showed me Fifth Element that same night.

First DVD bought: after I bought my own DVD player, I went a bit nuts at Best Buy or Tower or where ever I was, and grabbed a whole bunch. I can remember that Big Trouble in Little China, Evil Dead, 2001, Russ Meyer's Up, Wicker Man, and either Suspiria or Opera were in the bunch. I know there was an Argento in there, I just can't remember which. But, I think I bought about a dozen at the time.

First Blu-Ray watched: I can't remember which was the first I ever saw, since it was in store. But, I do remember that Pirates of the Caribbean was the disc that convinced me to take the plunge

First Blu-Ray bought - Abram's Star Trek. I came out right around Christmas and I had decided to buy myself a PlayStation because I wanted to play Heavy Rain.

Egg_Shen 01-31-2013 11:48 PM

I remember the old thread from some time ago.

I can't remember my first VHS. It was either one of the Halloween movies or Mad Max (the crappy goodtimes release).

First LD was Halloween (the Criterion release).

First DVD was John Carpenter's The Thing (which, incidentally, provided me with my first commentary).

First blu-ray's purchased were JC's Assault on Precinct 13 and 2001 A Space Odyssey (I don't remember which order I watched them in).

sinister 01-31-2013 11:57 PM

Laserdisc: Reservoir Dogs
DVD: Dirty Harry
Blu-ray: Dirty Harry Boxed set

All were the US releases.

Hellbilly 01-31-2013 11:58 PM

Tough one, gonna try my best to remember:

First VHS watched: Ahhh when people would actually sit down and watch a movie. Renting videos was an event! I believe the first we watched was Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
First VHS bought: Purple Rain.
First LD watched: The Mangler Unrated.
First LD bought: The Mangler & Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.
First DVD watched: It was either Maniac (1980) or Boogie Nights.
First DVD bought: Maniac, Boogie Nights, Austin Powers, Dead Presidents and countless more.
First Blu-ray watched: Last House on the Left (2009).
First Blu-ray bought: a whole bunch. LHOTL, Coraline, Starship Troopers Set, Splinter, Mutant Chronicles, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and more.

bigdaddyhorse 02-01-2013 12:15 AM

First dvds - Blade, Love & a 45, Suicide Kings and Matrix
First dvd watched - Matrix (at a friends before getting my own player or disc)
First BD bought - 28 Days Later (doh, one of the worst bd's in history, but it was cheap)
First BD watched - Friday the 13th remake (from library)

fattyjoe37 02-01-2013 12:15 AM

First VHS watched: Can't remember
First VHS bought (with my own money): Sixteen Candles

First DVD watched: Rented Alien 20th Anniversary Edition
First DVD bought: The Mummy (1999) Ultimate Edition

First Blu-ray watched: Friend had Wall-E
First Blu-ray bought: Vampire Circus

Suicide 02-01-2013 12:28 AM

First DVD purchased and watched: Phantasm

First Blu-Ray purchased: Gamera double feature for $5 (still unwatched)
First Blu-Ray watched: Kick-Ass

Mikey Horror 02-01-2013 12:39 AM

First VHS: Halloween
First DVD: Halloween
First blu-ray: Halloween

It's kind of a tradition at this point. I never switch to a new format until Halloween is released on that new format.

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