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Mok 10-01-2013 03:38 PM

What was in "The Kit" in Cabin Fever?
I just watched Cabin Fever for the umpteenth time. It's a classic in our household. We quote it frequently. But something has always remained a mystery and every time we watch the movie we will invariably begin speculating on WHAT THE FUCK IS IN "THE KIT"?

- There's some kids up at a cabin. They're sick. Now they've given it to Denis.
- Better get the kit.

That's how we are introduced to the kit. The big hillbilly guy is then seen carrying around a small wooden box. Upon seeing his friends killed, he quickly begins fumbling with the box to get it open. Of course as we know he never does, but what could he have been trying to get to?

We can only think of two theories: first aid or some sort of weapon.

Any ideas?

Mutilated Prey 10-01-2013 07:03 PM

I always assumed it was some sort of inoculation.

CPT HOOK 10-01-2013 07:15 PM

Pancakes, obviously.

Workshed 10-01-2013 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by CPT HOOK (Post 750613)
Pancakes, obviously.


DVD-fanatic-9 10-01-2013 09:27 PM

The hillbillies had a kit?

(They were barely characters.)

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