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Eddie Quist 11-17-2002 05:44 AM

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
Anybody remember this movie? I haven't seen it since I was a kid, but I remember enjoying it. I just thought I'd bring it up to see if there are any big Remo fans here:D Hey, if Buckaroo Banzai can become a huge cult favorite, why not this??? I remember it being kinda fun. Of course, I was 9 at the time.....:)

mcchrist 11-17-2002 06:34 AM

Remo Williams is perhaps one of the greatest films, period. I've been wondering about a DVD release of this for a while. Definitly something that needs to be considered.

Eddie Quist 11-17-2002 10:26 PM

Looks like were the only REMO fans here, McChrist:lol:

mcchrist 11-18-2002 04:07 AM

How can anyone not like a hero who's named from a bedpan and his ancient kung fu master is addicted to soap operas? I love it! :lol:

Agent Z 11-18-2002 10:02 AM


Remo Williams is perhaps one of the greatest films, period.
Wow.......that's quite an appraisal! Going over all the generations of films....and including all genres, where would you place REMO WILLIAMS:THE ADVENTURE BEGINS at?

BlazingMagnum 11-18-2002 03:28 PM

It was called, Remo - Unarmed & Dangerous in the UK.
I remember watching it, and although it was quite funny - I don't really remember it as being one of the greatest films!! Maybe I missed the point - I saw it years ago though, so probably as a kid I'd rather have been watching Hammer movies or something.

I'll put it on the list of stuff-to-re-check-out!

jscott 11-20-2002 03:20 AM

"You move like a pregnant yak." Remo is one of my favorite childhood films. It would be nice to have a DVD release of it, for sentimental reasons.

Hellbilly 03-26-2003 06:31 PM

Remo Williams: The Barebones and Full Screen Adventure begins July 15th on DVD.

No widescreen special edition for this great flick.


y2doublet 03-26-2003 06:58 PM

Chalk me up as a fan too. I have great memories of this flick from my childhood. Too bad it's only in full frame.

moogong 03-26-2003 07:09 PM

Holy cow! I love this movie! Chiun was the baddest man on the planet!!!

mcchrist 03-26-2003 08:20 PM

Barebones... I could give a shit, its mine!

Hellbilly 03-26-2003 08:22 PM


Originally posted by mcchrist
Barebones... I could give a shit, its mine!
Yeah but ... Full Frame????
They could at least give it a widescreen transfer :mad:

Zodiac-Mindwarp 03-26-2003 09:05 PM

Damn. I cannot believe now days that the even bother to release anything in full frame.

*mumbles angrily as I walk from room*

SaviniFan 03-26-2003 10:14 PM

Are we talking full frame here, or pan and scan? If I'm not mistaken full frame would mean no loss of picture information, even though it might not be the intended aspect ratio. If it is "full frame" then I'd still get it. Pan and Scan is another story.....

jscott 03-26-2003 10:15 PM


Originally posted by Hellbilly
Yeah but ... Full Frame????
They could at least give it a widescreen transfer :mad:

What if it was shot open-matte (full frame), then matted for theatrical release? Or are you concerned because you have a 16x9 widescreen TV? I don't mind full frame transfers, as long as they're filmed open matte. It's pan & scan that makes me nauseous.

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