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That Suspiria poster is nice. I don't have many posters right now, but I do plan on adding some when I get a dedicated home theater room (down the road 4 or 5 years from now).

I have been thinking of picking up some now, getting them framed, and saving them.

One thing I want to do (and I've mentioned this before), is having some of my LD covers framed. I know there are frames for LPs, which will also work for LDs. I'm fairly certain there are frames that will display both the jacket and the disc, which I would love to do for my Evil Dead 2 LD. The disc is blood red and the jacket is signed by Bruce.

Where do you guys get things framed? I do have one poster which I'd like to have professionally framed. It's from that TV show I'm always ranting about, Sledge Hammer. It's a mini poster. It says 'Wanted: Dead or Dead. Reward - $1,000,000'. Then there's a picture of Sledge. The show's producer signed it for me. There are some wrinkles in it (due to the way it was shipped), but I could care less. I just want to hang it up someday.
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