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I've got loads of movie posters that I collected over the years (haven't bought any for a while though). Since I got my own house, I've gradually been framing my favourites and putting them up around the place.

Done so far:

House By The Cemetery 12 card french lobby set (the way I've arranged them it looks like a stained glass window at the end of my hallway - totally beautiful).
Suspiria 8 card US lobby set. Boring set, but, hell, it's Suspiria!
Tenebre 10 card lobby set.
Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare 8 card lobby set.
The Beyond - Aussie daybill
Possessed (Manhattan Baby) - Aussie daybill
Creepshow - Aussie daybill
Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Aussie daybill
Evil Dead - Aussie daybill
Woman From Deep River (Cannibal Ferox) - Aussie daybill

I've also got a TCSM repro 1-sheet signed by Gunnar Hansen framed inside a giant glass-top coffee table, and I've just had a Class Of 1984 1-sheet framed.

Next in line: Dawn of the Dead & Deep Red 1-sheets.

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