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OH wow... can I just say I totally envy ALL of you and your poster collections! I think I especially envy the Argento posters I've seen. I NEED SOME.

I'm afraid to walk down the seemingly evil road of poster collecting... probably for good reason! My wallet would weep if I ever decided to take this up. The only horror poster I have is the free one from MGM, "The Raven", and I need a good frame to put that in. It's still rolled up in the protective cardboard it was shipped in. As soon as I can locate a good frame for it (what size IS that sucker anyway?) I can put it up in the living room or in the dining area.

I currently have some nice Mediterranean paintings in my living room and hallway. In the computer room, I have a Photomosaics poster of one of Vincent Van Gogh's self-portraits:

This isn't the Photomosaics version of it, but the actual portrait -- looks very similar except you lose the amazing brushstrokes... but you gain many REALLY tiny pictures and it's damn freaky how they can do that.

I also have a tin sign of Futurama, with Bender and Fry on it... it says "JOIN THE MAN-MACHINE BROTHERHOOD":

Oh yeah, and in the dining area, I have another Van Gogh print, framed. "Fritillaries, crown imperial in a copper vase":

I used to have TONS of art posters up when I lived at home years ago, because I'd get them at a great discount at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had classes at the Met so I was there often and caught all the good sales in the basement, books, posters, you name it. I still have about half of them left from then, but no real wall space to put them up.

I had some good band posters up too, but I think most of those are gone. I had an excellent black fabric Sex Pistols poster, but who the hell knows where that wound up.

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