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Re: Halloween III- one of the most underrated films ever!

Originally posted by Cujo108
Is there anyone here who feels the same way about this gem as I do?
Oh, I TOTALLY agree with you. In fact, I wrote an Amazon review a few years ago saying basically the same thing because I felt the film needed to be defended. It seemed as if so many reviews said the movie was shit because it didn't continue the way they wanted it to, no Michael Meyers, no such and such character... I think the film is HIGHLY underrated and it's definitely one of my all time favorites.

I loved the creative deaths and the tension in the part where
the chick starts attacking him in the car and he finds out she's a robot... you know, where she loses her limbs, etc.

Also, you really can't beat the
total DOWNER of an ending! It stayed tight till the very end. I remember seeing this in the movies and people were actually yelling at the screen when he was on the phone trying to tell them to stop the video. How many movies try to come up with a nice ending where there's at least one survivor who got through the night and can live to tell others about it. At the end of this movie you KNOW everyone around the world is gonna die a horrible death, whether they were wearing those freaky masks or not.

Anyway, I LOVE that movie to death and the tune is catchy as all hell.
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