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Originally posted by JW77
The "Silver Shamrock" masks were a nifty piss-take on the toy crazes of the early 80s. Anyone remember Cabbage Patch Kids?
Exactly... and the use of London Bridge's melody to countdown to DEATH.

Btw, I had a few Cabbage Patch Kids. If they ever started to
spew worms, scorpions, roaches, snakes and other bugs at me, I surely would have shit my pants.

Originally posted by Coverdale
I like it too. I have the theory that had it been released as just "Season of the Witch" with no reference whatsoever to Halloween, it would have gone down as a minor classic.
Definitely. I think the fact that people expected it to be a true sequel really disappointed them and soured them on the movie. It's kind of rare that kids get killed in movies at ALL, I think. Heh, I love that particular death.

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