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Well, I think the term "underrated" is way over used. Seems like I come across this term quite often, and let's face it, H3 has hardly been ignored. Horror films are always somewhat of a niche product, they rarely hit mainstream tastes and get worldwide praise. Within the horror comunity, it gets praise enough, imho.

Anyway, H3 is a reasonable idea packaged in the wrong box - with just about the stupidist ending they could possibly have come up with. Carpenter had an idea to release a Halloween film every year - and he should have done that. But he should not have messed with Myers. Frankly, I think he'd have preferred Myers to go away at this point and to not have had endless sequels. Maybe this was his way of trying to end it. Of course, that did not work.

H3 a classic? Not in my books. It's an okay film that personally I'm not too fond of. I bought the Goodtimes disc recently because it was cheap, and it's all the disc I need.

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