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Originally posted by DVD Connoisseur
The Empire Strikes Back is a superior film to Star Wars, IMHO.....

Superman 2 was more enjoyable than Superman.

The debate rages over the Terminator films. It's a close call. Same with the first two Godfather films.
I agree that ESB is SUPERIOR to STAR WARS. Also I enjoyed Superman 2 better as well, though I still like all but part 4.

I can't STAND T2, but think TERMINATOR is one of the best movies. The first one, in my opinion, is MILES ahead of T2.

Godfather 1 & 2 is a tough one. I'd lean SLIGHTLY on the second one. The part where Michael looks at Fredo and grits out, "You broke my heart..." DAMN!! Just powerful!!!!!!

I kinda like DEMONS 2 more than the first one too!
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