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Originally Posted by Werner Von Wallenrod
The new Kingdom boxset (PAL, R2) kicks all the other DVD releases collective asses.
It features both the Kingdom I and II, is uncut (unlike the UK disc), includes all of the speeches, with good subtitles (unlike the HK disc) and is loaded with extras (audio commentary by Trier, Niels Versel, and Molly Stensgard, a 25 minute documentary on the series, a 40 minute doc on Trier, a collection of "outrageous newspaper commercials" directed by Trier, a really weird music video for the theme song starring Trier, bloopers for tha music video, and a collection of trailers for Trier's films - all with English subs!). ...The Kingdom 1 is the four episode version, though; not the five.

Sorry for the late reply to this thread. I was searching to see if there was ever a thread about (Riget) The Kindom.

I have the boxset also, it kills all the other versions...and I've had all the other versions at one point or another. The VHS set at first, then the Hong Kong DVD's of 1 & 2, and then I bought the Canadian 2DVD set of part 1...and now I am the proud owner of the 4 disc boxset. It is indeed fully uncut and the subtitles are much better and removeable, not to mention being available in 7 or 8 languages! I was also very surprised that all the bonus material from the featurettes to the commentary tracks all have optional English subtitles! I didn't know this before I raked out $80 for it, I was pleasantly surprised having accepted that the bonus material would probably be in Danish/Swedish.

Xploited still has it in stock at a nice price if anyone is interested in getting the boxset. It is strictly limited, so I would recommend buying now or forever hold your peace.
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