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Fuck it.
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Scaled on 1 to 5 stars, first viewings are underlined.

* vomit stew
** bad film
*** good film
**** excellent film
***** a grand artistic achievement... the 'anti-vomit stew'

Haven't watched a dang thing yet this year. No wait; when I got home at 6:00 am New Year's Day, I did pop in a Motorhead dvd and pissed off the neighbors... does that count?
  • 1/1 The Best of Motorhead, video = ***, sound = ***, content = ****
  • 1/5 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1932, video = ***1/2, sound = ****, content = *****
    (Great movie! A bit over the top in the drama/romance, but hey, that's how they did it in the '30s. The action was over the top too, and it kicks ass. Fredric March really lets it all out here. The only drawback to the dvd is that the print, while having fine contrast and brightness levels, and very little print damage at all, is a bit dirty with slight grain and fibers throughout the film. Other than that, the new Warner dvd is great!)
  • 1/10 Zatoichi 4; The Fugitive, video = ***, sound = ***, content = **1/2
  • 1/11 The Castle of Fu Manchu, video = ***, sound = ***, content = **1/2
  • 1/11 Love on the Run (from The Adventures of Antoine Doinel Criterion box set), video = ***, sound = ***, content = ***
  • 1/13 The Blood of Fu Manchu, video = ***, sound = ***, content = ***
  • 1/14 Check and Double Check with Amos and Andy, video = **1/2, sound = **, content = **
  • 1/16 Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy, video = **, sound = **, content = Off the charts!
    (Post-production bullshit kills this otherwise classic film; endless voice over narration, weak dubbing (not to mention a virtually non-existant script... except for the fuckin' narrator), and some cheap assed graphic effects really took me out of the film at points, but otherwise, this is a fine example of the lingerie murder party genre - recommended!)
  • 1/17 The Who - The Kids Are Alright, video = ***, sound = ****, content = ****
  • 1/18 Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii, video = ***, sound = ****, content = *****
  • 1/18 Snatch, video = ****, sound = ****, content = ****
  • 1/25 Borderline, video = ***, sound = **, content = ***
  • 1/30 Once Upon a Time in Mexico, video = ****, sound = ****, content = ***1/2
  • 1/31 The Bloody Judge, video = ***, sound = ***, content = ***1/2
  • Sometime between Jan. 31st and May 30th (graded simply on artistic merit alone)...
    Fear in the Night ***
    Rosemary's Baby ****
    The Point ****
    Kill Bill ****
    Kill Bill part 2 ****
    Home on the Range ***
    Scarface (Pacino) ***1/2
    The Last Samurai ****
    Bubba Ho-tep ****
    The Marriage of Maria Braun ****
  • 5/31 Lost in Translation ****
  • 6/5 Hong Kong 1941 ***
  • 6/8 WIZARDS, (Ralph Bakshi's) ***** One of my all time favorite movies.
  • 6/12 The Italian Job ('69) ***
  • 6/13 Magnum Force ****
  • 6/19 SS Hell Camp (a.k.a. The Beast in Heat) **
  • 6/19 Crippled Masters **
  • 6/20 Lola ****
  • 6/22 Picture Claire ***
  • 6/24 Die! Die! My Darling! ***1/2 Fine pace, plot and acting. Quite good!
  • 6/25 Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell ***1/2
  • 6/26 Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu **1/2 Decent chop socky flick, with some great, brutal action... but the Wu Tang edition dvd sucks ass, being zoomed in on. Several times people would be speaking off camera, making it painfully obvious you were also missing a quarter of the action. Fuck cropped films, fuck 'em right in the ass.
  • 6/26 Godzilla (original) **** Sure, I've seen the dubbed version before, both with and without Raymond Burr, but this was the original, unedited version in Japanese with English subtitles on the big screen! Truly an exceptional experience. It is slightly slow, and Godzilla doesn't go on a rampage until the film is well into it's second half, but the photography is great, especially if you love '50s Japan like I do, and the acting, while not anything exceptional, is quite good. The main thing here is that hearing the original Japanese dialogue, the movie loses the hoaky, schlocky vibe due to atrocious dubbing. It comes off much more believable and serious with the original voices. Highly recommended if it's playing in your area.
  • 6/27 Secretary **** Great movie!
  • 6/29 Salon Kitty *** Twisted, and visually striking.
  • 7/1 Nightmares Come at Night **1/2 Some decent eye candy scenes, but just not a whole hell of a lot else happening here. Luscious Soledad Miranda is hardly in the film, so don't get sucked into it for her. If you dig Jess Franco and late '60s lesbianism lite, check it out.
  • 7/3 Spider-man 2 ****
  • 7/8 Schtickmen *** Slightly uneven but humorous mocumentary about aspiring stand-up comics, shot in Dallas, undistributed. Caught this at a special screening.
  • 7/8 Based on a True Story **1/2 Technically good indie thriller. Acting and dialogue left a bit to be desired, but it was shot well, and it had a fine pace. Undistributed, seen at the same screening as Schtickmen.
  • 7/9 The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 ****1/2 A gem of an action/suspense thriller. One of my favorites.
  • 7/10 Ghost Dog; Way of the Warrior ***1/2
  • 7/12 Dracula Has Risen from the Grave ***1/2 Some killer scenes in this one - it's always been a fave of mine. It is a bit slow, but the imagery makes up for it.
  • 7/15 The Ladykillers (the original, w/ Alec Guinness) **** Classic heist tomfoolery. Haven't seen the Hanks remake, but how can you go wrong with Guinness, Peter Sellers, and Herbert Lom? Also, the old lady was great. Check this out if you dig vintage Brit comedy.
  • 7/15 The Man in the White Suit **** Alec Guinness again; Interesting premise. Pokes fun at corporations and workers alike, with progress and innovation caught in the middle. Slightly preachy, but interesting, funny, and just plain well done.
  • 7/16 I Spit on Your Grave ***1/2 Technically well done slice of '70s sleaze. I went into this thinking it would probably be a cinematic failure, and that it had gained notoriety soley due to it's subject matter, however, I was really impressed with the filming, editing and to a degree the acting. The story itself just steamrolls right ahead, with little time for introspection or character development... which is fine for this movie. The legendary copy for the film promises nothing more than it is; rape, revenge... and we're done.
  • 7/18 The Name of the Rose ****
  • 7/24 Army of Darkness ****
  • 8/1 Helter Skelter ***
  • 8/7 Terminator 3 *** Don't understand why everyone hates this one so much. I thought it was a pretty solid action flick. Not great, but good. Definitely not suck-ass.
  • 8/8 Zatoichi ('04) *** Decent. Kinda disjointed and drawn out, and CGI gore keeps this one from being really good. The main story works though. I could see cutting out about 10 or 15 minutes. And wtf was with the Broadway musical finale?
  • 8/18 Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidora: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack ('01) **** Great modern effects, good pacing and camera work. Plus, an all-star monster cast - what more could you want?
  • 8/20 Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla ('02) ***1/2 Again, great flick on a technical level, but it drops a little under GMKGGMAOA due to the low monster count. It almost makes up for that though in the characterization (of the human characters) and their plot devices, something these films aren't generally known for. And Mechagodzilla looks great!
  • 8/24 Spaceways **1/2 Oof! What a turkey! Sure, the Hammer legends are there behind the camera, but this crazy flick offers a hodgepodge of plotlines none of which ever get developed much. For Hammer enthusiasts/completists only. I can't say it was a complete waste of time, or that it was terrible (technically, it was pretty good), but a non-Hammer or 50s sci-fi fan would have big trouble with this one.
  • 8/29 28 Days Later ***1/2 Cool flick.
  • 8/29 Assault on Precinct 13 ***1/2 Classic.
  • 9/3 Donnie Darko, Director's Cut **** Great atmosphere.
  • 9/4 The Testament of Dr. Mabuse ***1/2
  • 9/6 Hero ***1/2 Exquisite looking film.
  • 9/12 Ilsa; She-Wolf of the SS **** Graded more for it's place in film history than it's actual artistic merit. The acting is horrible, and the graphic situations are notoriously worse. Technically decent, the film is a true, honest to badness landmark of trash/sleaze grindhouse cinema. Must be seen (at least by those strong of stomach).
  • 9/23 Bad Taste ***1/2
  • 9/24 Heavy Traffic ***1/2 Cool flick!
  • 9/30 Picnic at Hanging Rock **** Beautiful and creepy film... very haunting.
  • 10/1 An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe ***1/2 Price narrating Poe... perfection. The video quality is pretty bad, but what can you do? It's a television production from '72, and the source elements simply haven't held up. But nevermind that, Price's performances more than make up for it.
  • 10/2 Blood for Dracula *** Very stylized, good looking film.
  • 10/3 Dances with Wolves ****1/2 Truly a great film. I usually can't stand Costner, but he did well here.
  • 10/4 Primer **1/2 Well done, but kind of ambiguous and seems unfinished.
  • 10/8 Ramones Raw ***1/2 Kicks cretin ass.
  • 10/9 Team America ***1/2 FUCK YEAH!!
  • 10/15 Shaun of the Dead *** More fun than you can shake a severed limb at!
  • 10/16 Girls School Screamers ** Why did I watch this again? Technically decent editing, a couple of halfway decent kills, but pretty much boring as hell.
  • 10/16 Tomb of Ligeia ***1/2 Really good looking Corman/Price Poe adaptation, and unfortunately their last.
  • 10/17 End of the Century ***1/2 It was great to see the Ramones in all their glory. Great, incredible vintage clips. The interviews were revealing - sometimes fun, sometimes disturbing, and sometimes just sad.
  • 10/23 The Grudge ***1/2 Creeped me out pretty good.
  • 10/24 Day of the Animals *** Classic '70s survivalist cheese. WARNING; DVD is crap pan & scan. I didn't find it too distracting from the movie, but still, there were a few scenes where it's just painfully obvious, but which, thankfully, mostly don't happen during important scenes.
  • 10/29 The Prodigy *** Technically great, hardboiled action flick, but the dialogue and story was just decent. Still, it's got several good action scenes filmed really well... very violent. Saw an extended cut at a preview tonight, which was overlong at damn nearly two and a half hours... at midnight... oof.
  • 10/30 The Toolbox Murders ** Feh. A couple of decent kills but no plot development for the first half of the movie. This is actually a good thing though, considering that the movie plays like a horrible made for TV movie during the last half. Only worth watching for the sexy bathtub scene and the following frantic kill, the rest is blah.
  • 10/31 Flesh for Frankenstein *** Great looking film, and entertaining, if a bit disjointed. Then again, maybe that's part of the point.
  • 11/9 Onibaba **** Good looking, deep, interesting film.
  • 11/13 Kwaidan ***1/2 Eerie, phantasms galore.
  • 11/19 Pieces **1/2 Decent. Better than Toolbox Murders anyway. The story actually had some plot and was decently constructed.
  • 11/23 The Convent **1/2 Starts off dumb and bland, but gets pretty funny as it goes along. The neon demons are pretty hoaky at first too (looks like a bad 80s music video) but they get nastier and more evil as the movie progresses. Not too shabby, good for a laugh. Plus, you get Adrienne Barbeau kickin' ass, which is always a bonus. DVD has some pretty decent extras.
  • 11/27 Veronika Voss ***1/2
  • 12/10 Entrails of a Virgin ** Not half as good as I expected from the things I'd read about it over the years.
  • 12/10 Even Dwarfs Started Small *** Captivating film, but just not as tightly woven as Herzog's later works. Still, it's fucked up enough to hold your attention.

T.V. sets completed in 2004
SOAP!; 1st season... classic.
SPACE 1999; the megaset (full series, 1st and 2nd season) - Mehhhhmories... great shit, I tell ya.
Family Guy; 2nd and 3rd seasons. Family Guy fucking rules. nuff said.
SCTV; 1st season, vol. 1... such good stuff. John Candy, you're missed!
The Avengers; '67, through vol. 3. Simply exquisite.
Danger Man Very impressed with the fleshed out storylines told in tight half hour spots... and shot on location all over the world. Great series.
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