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I purchased the Criterion disc of this film and was completely floored by it. This film is a real find for me. I had never even heard of it. The film's very frank portrayal of basic human sexuality is years ahead of its time; its slow unfolding narrative and harrowing finale seeped under my skin and remained etched there for days. Miike's 'Audition' definitely continues a traditon set in motion by Shindo with this film. The 2.35:1 B&W cinematography is outstanding. The fucken' reeds... Beautiful! I had seen and really liked 'Naked Island' (1960), by Shindo. It's a silent narrative about the daily grind of rural poverty on a small island in Japan. It's quite brilliant in many ways. But 'Onibaba' is in another league altogether. Forget recent J-horror and see this remarkable film. I can't praise it enough... This is the horror buy of the year - at least so far. And the Criterion transfer of the visuals is worth every penny. Stunning!
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