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Originally Posted by marioscido
I purchased the Criterion disc of this film and was completely floored by it. This film is a real find for me. I had never even heard of it. The film's very frank portrayal of basic human sexuality is years ahead of its time; its slow unfolding narrative and harrowing finale seeped under my skin and remained etched there for days. Miike's 'Audition' definitely continues a traditon set in motion by Shindo with this film. The 2.35:1 B&W cinematography is outstanding. The fucken' reeds... Beautiful! I had seen and really liked 'Naked Island' (1960), by Shindo. It's a silent narrative about the daily grind of rural poverty on a small island in Japan. It's quite brilliant in many ways. But 'Onibaba' is in another league altogether. Forget recent J-horror and see this remarkable film. I can't praise it enough... This is the horror buy of the year - at least so far. And the Criterion transfer of the visuals is worth every penny. Stunning!
I agree, Mario. This movie definitely stays with you. I saw it earlier in the year on IFC and think it's an atmospheric, downbeat masterpiece. The comparison with "Audition" is so apt in its exploration of the hidden horror of human behavior. What I really liked about "Onibaba" was the assured combination of human horror (the behavior of the old woman) and supernatural horror (the mask) and where one ends and the other begins.
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