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Future DVD Releases

  • Replies to this thread are encouraged and welcomed! Perhaps you know of a title coming out this isn't on the list? Or a street date change? By all means, let us know! Just be sure to include the source of your information. A reply such as: "I hear from my Uncle Joe that there's a 10-disc set of Suspiria due from Anchor Bay" will not be acknowledged. But if you list a reputable on-line source, such as a DVD news site (one that isn't a clone of ours) or a DVD store, then we will update the list appropriately!
  • Replies to this thread will be pruned in order to keep the number of pages at a reasonable length.
  • Please advise Title, Release Studio, Region and Date for any future releases that need adding to the list. Many thanks!

All titles which are R1 NTSC compatible are shown in white.

R2 (PAL) releases shown in green

R4 (PAL) releases shown in red
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