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Originally Posted by dwatts
Give this a shot, as a double bill, with "Night of the Eagle". It's quite something. A lot of really great films were made in this time frame.

Lyle: Is there something specific you didn't like, or is it the era of filmaking that doesn't appeal?

The vision of the clown, standing on the lawn of his house as an impromptu storm kicks up, is worth the price of admission, imo.
Oh, I LOVE classic horror. That's my main forte. I also really like The Haunting, which Rhett mentioned. This just didn't grab me. The demon looked goofy, the film was TOO slow, and I just couldn't get into the film. My favorite scene is the seance, though. Very creepy. The ending is pretty good as well. I love train settings, especially in horror/suspense films. It's moving, so you can't really escape, very small, claustrophobic, and is utilized perfectly in this film as well as Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, Martin (Although I believe it was a BUS in the begining, but I'm not sure), The Lady Vanishes, Strangers on a Train, among others.
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