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Originally Posted by Number Six
Damn! I'm so pissed I couldn't go. It was a done deal up 'til about a week before. You know how it is when shit comes up with the sole purpose of fucking you out of something you were looking forward to? That's exactly what happened in this case. Ah well, maybe next time... Glad you kids had fun, and excellent pics Tawny!

you still have a chance to rub elbows with a celeberty! after talking to charles cyphers for awile he told us that he has a nice little place on 4 acres in YOUR town. so take a look at the pic of him that we posted and keep your eyes open around town he has a boat and likes to fish- he told me he had been at parker canyon lake around the time i was there camping. you can tell by how red he is that he's been in arizona for awhile.
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