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Blair Witch Project

Someone stated in the "what pushes your buttons thread" I was personally disappointed with BWP due to the ridiculous amount of hype associated with it "

I just wanted to say that i agree exactly... That movie came out during my huge obsession with "underground" and "independant films" - so had followed the BWP for months and months before it was released. Given all the hype, i was built up to expect somethign totally huge and shocking. I even reserved special tickets to a midnight pre-release screening -- needless to say i was totally let down. It was actually the first movie that i allowed myself to go to the bathroom during -- not worrying about missing anything. What pisses me off even more than the above, is the fact that the people associated with the film tried to pass it off as real...AND PEOPLE BELOEVED THEM....Gimmie a damn break. There were people crying weeks after the films released because they felt sorry for the missing people.... damn -- settle down. I guess Black and white + shakey camera equals "oh my gosh, this is real, lets watch."

Has anyone noticed that in the past 2 years, the "reality" TV shows have taken off -- if you look they all have a few things in common....odd camera angles and a SHAKEY camera shot.... totally over done... makes me sick. AARRGGHH.. I have to shut up now, because i can rant about this forever. Maybe i cant stand people that are totally gullable to otherwise asenine concepts....

Dont yell at me,

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