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I looked at Blair Witch like a carnival side show.You know,the big poster of a man eating spider...then you pay your cash,and enter the tent only too see an old,dusty stuffed dead spider made by a taxidermist 3 decades before.The Blair Witch Project is simply a fine example of how marketing can rocket film sales. Years ago theater owners would hire people to protest a film saying it was "Repulsive","Should Be Banned",etc. just to sell tickets.I kind of like how Artisan proved that despite having a smarter more high tech. society you can still herd them in like cattle.
I,like you kept myself updated on Blair Witch throughout it's production,before they had a distributor.Anyone who read Fangoria already knew that the Blair Witch legend as well as the missing docu. filmmakers was all fictitious and made up for the film.I tried to tell some people but they were totally brainwashed by the scifi special,website hype.So I just decided to shut up,sit back and enjoyed the panic.
I was hoping that we'd see more "mocumentaries" hit the theaters trying to cash in on the craze but I guess they just figured lightning would only strike once.

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