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TBWP wasn't original? I thought it was inspired by a few sources.....but every project is inspired by another influence. As for the story itself (not to mention the clever marketing tie-ins...including the multimedia and folklore), I found the Blair Witch Project to be very original and refreshing in its approach and storyline.

BTW: As for people that ask for their money back because they don't like a movie............are they for real? That would be like asking for a refund for a book because you didn't enjoy it.......or returning a cd to the music store because it wasn't up to your liking....That is just ridiculous! I could never imagine the nerve of doing something of that nature. Besides, the movie theater is just providing a means to you, the patron, to see the movie YOU selected. I could write a book (or two) on how ludicrous the principle of asking for a refund on a movie is, but I am still beside myself with the "Napster Freaks" whom feel that it is their right to take whatever music they of charge.....(no wonder the term "starving artist" came about)
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