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I enjoyed The Blair Witch Project immensely. I loved the fact that it forced you to rely on your <i>immagination</i> to scare you. I, for one, have a wild immagination so this really worked. I think most people are really lazy and need to be shown what they need to be afraid of. I think that is why a lot of people didn't like this film. They needed to be shown that the guy in the rubber mask is the <i>thing</i> you are supposed to be afraid, rather than entice you with legends, myths, and stories. This really works because it uses the latter elements (or sets up the premise) and then later delves into these elements. While I know it is not a completely original film (for instance, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre stated that it was based on real events, which in fact it wasn't. Rather it was loosely created around Ed Gein), it told it's story in a rather original way. Of course, this is my opinion and most wont agree with me, but that's okay because this is how I feel about the film and no one will change that light for me.

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