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Fucking A! I can't wait for ED 4 to get rolling. I'm glad that Sam hasn't totally lost it. Seeing the operation scene in Spidey 2 with Doc Ock and the camera zoom of the tentacles as they search for its victim and the inclusion of a chainsaw brought back memories of the ED series and the pains of wanting another installment. Also, its good to hear that Ash will be played by Bruce because lets face it, he's the king.

As far as the remake goes, I'll probably see it just to see how well it pulls off the similarities and differences from the original 2 movies.
Will the Ash figure be going to the cabin with his girlfriend and friends or will the friends come in later? I wonder how this one will work when combining the two movies? Will the daughter and friends of the old couple come to the cabin in the second act? Also, will Ash go back in time at the end?
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