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I would and will love seeing these movies remade as I really do love them, but as stated They are quite dated and have much more potential nowadays than back then. It would be great to see Angus as "The Tall Man" and hopefully it will be as I can't really se anybody else playing the part, but I don't think that him not playing the part will stop me from checking these out. I really like these movies, hopefully Coscarelli can do Phantasm 5 and finish the series before a remake gets underway as I would like to see the rest of his take before I see it start from the beginning. On another note, I haven't seen the 2nd and 3rd Phantasm since I was a little kid and I don't really remember them. I would get the region 2 discs, but I want to sell off my 1st and 4th discs for a complete box set. As said before, where is this fucking set as I will eat it up in a heartbeat (no matter what region)!?!?!
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