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I'd have to disagree with you on that one, Paff. My Millenium Edition DVD has less "picture noise", and more solid blacks and grays, than my Elite LD (but the supplement disc is worth it's weight in gold for GAR freaks). Now here's where it gets fun. I'm running a mid-level Sony DVD player, with component connection, to a 32" Toshiba analog TV, and my CLD-702 is running to the TV via composite cable. I realize that there are better players than my 702 (is this in the Laser Disc forum?), and no I haven't set up my TV with Video Essentials, but to my eye, the Millenium Edition has a sharper, more solid picture. I'm wondering if the comb filter on your Sony Vega (you still have that TV?) is working some magic for your 704?
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