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Am i the only one who likes the Anniversary edition with the additional footage and new score, perhaps even so much as to say it's better than the original film? i know it changed the feel of the film altogether, but for the better...i'm not one to yearn for explanations and such but it did improve the story. Original NotLD is of course iconic in minds of many people, but if one doesn't mind sacrilege and heresy, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the altered version.

Anyway, despite negative reactions from almost everyone, i think one should give that a chance, too. Especially if you feel your world-definition doesn't depend too much on the solidity of original NotLD

PS: Mind you, i never thought the original is such a was groundbreaking and intelligent certainly, but those are not enough for a masterpiece. Even for a low budget movie use of stock music, for example, is quite an abomination...i think people just have come to forgive and overlook the flaws of the original over the years (like it's easy enough to say now that it's just those things that make it great, but...c'mon, you really think it wouldn't be better if it had a head or tail to it, or real music?). It's a great film, but not so great that it should be untouchable. And that's my point, that the Anniversary Edition actually improved on it. And it's just plain wrong to say that the apocalyptic twist to the story doesn't fit to it.

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