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Kill Time B4 It Kills You
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Kill and Pray... really boring... when whats his face comes into... pasolini I think, he just talks and talks for the longest time and he is quite boring. I didn't like it anyway.
There is a PAL release of Tepepa I think but it has english dubbing, but during the film, the english drops out and goes to Italian, (a total of about 15 minutes of dialogue is like this throughout the flick)this was because it was a recut release and the scenes that were originally left out were put back in. I've also heard there are no english subtitles., but it is widescreen.
A PAL release of The Big Gundown is available too, but alas, no english subtitles and no english audio track. Widescreen though.
There are some nice releases from Japan of some great Spaghetti Westerns... Navajo Joe, The Mercenary, Sabata series... but they cost about 50 bucks US each, which is crazy. Thats the only problem with them, they all have an english audio track and are widescreen.
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