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I recently picked up a VHS of the colored Hal Roach version, and I was rather impressed with the colorization. No it doesn't look good per say, but you'd be surprised by how badly it doesn't look. I only started to catch on how they did it when Duane Jones enterted the picture. Whenever his face went into black for a couple of seconds you could see a brown traveling matte where his head was. It's not nearly as badly colored as the box cover and back photos would indicate. Which literally look as if a child had drawn them in.

The biggest problem is probably that they had to brighten the image in order to make the colors stick, so a lot of the atmosphere is really lost. I had watched the Millenium Edition a few weeks before so it was fresh in my mind how impressive the cinematography was. They also wouldn't leave ANYTHING white, so white objects were a light yellow and the house was a light pink. Pink! The zombie green was rather unconvincing as well. Plus blood didn't come out that well, since it was straight black in the film.
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