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Originally Posted by Crystal Plumage
I only have a few at the moment:

The Good the Bad and the Ugly (original)
Once Upon A Time in the West
A Man Called Blade
Kill..If You Live Shoot!
My Name Is Nobody

And I'm planning on buying these very soon:

Fistful Of Dollars SE
Fistful Of Dynamite SE
For A Few Dollars More SE
Good,Bad & Ugly SE
Any Gun Can Play
A Bullet For Sandoval
"Once Upon A Time In Italy" including:
  • Bullet For The General
  • Texas Adios
  • Four of the Apocalypse
  • Compaņeros
  • Keoma
I'm not sure about Corbucci's The Great Silence,how is the DVD quality?
All you plan to get are great.Pick up the great silence regardless.The qualiy is fine and the movie is wonderful.Ace high is also on region 1 and stars Eli Wallach.It is not bad.Also try-Boot Hill (Terence Hill / Bud Spencer)-Bounty Killer (Tomas Milian)-And if you can find it,Ein Einsamer Kehrt Zuruck (Klaus Kinski).
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