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I'm a big SW fan myself. Have you seen Cutthroats Nine? There was an unauthorized dvd floating around the net a while back, I don't remember where I bought it from, but it may be in better circulation now. It's touted as one of the goriest and hateful SW's ever made, and it does have some decent gore, but not on a horror level.

Edit - I found it at

Here's the link

and heres the synopsis.

An army soldier and his beautiful young daughter are escorting a gang of vicious criminals to prison. This wagon-load of brutal killers, who are chained together, is ambushed by thieves looking to rob what they believe is a gold shipment. A fight ensues with the would-be gold thieves being killed. With the wagon destroyed and the horses dead, the soldier chains himself, the savage killers, and his daughter together and makes tracks for the prison on foot through the snow covered mountains. The journey alone is hazardous enough but the danger is soon amplified when the prisoners discover the chains that bind them are made of gold! An explosion of desire ensues as the killers plot to kill their captor and split the gold and the young girl. Easily the most mean-spirited, hateful, gory spaghetti western ever made
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