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Oops! Sorry, KR~!, my mistake. You're totally right: all religions don't believe in the Christian Devil. Also, the Count from Sesame Street isn't scary so it only goes to show that you are genius to deduce that no-one has ever been afraid of them. Please, enlighten me more.

Wait a minute... other religions DO believe in EVIL. Hmmm... I'm confused. Oh wait... only the CHRISTIAN DEVIL is supposed to be scary... ah, I get it now. Wow, you is a genius, mickey-flickey!!!

Serioulsy, dude, you should read people's posts and not make things up. Even in your reply you quoted my statement, which didn't say that other religions believed in the Christian Devil. I've never really been afraid of any horror film but that doesn't mean that no-one else ever has in the past, does it?
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