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Originally Posted by Cydeous
Serioulsy, dude, you should read people's posts and not make things up. Even in your reply you quoted my statement, which didn't say that other religions believed in the Christian Devil. I've never really been afraid of any horror film but that doesn't mean that no-one else ever has in the past, does it?
What are these films about? They are about the Christian devil not any other kind of spook. Think for a moment here, I know it's hard for you since you are not used to thinking, but just try this once, remember this?

Enjoyed the trailer before Dark Water. The audience was laughing at it a lot, but it has potential.
Why was the audience laughing a lot? Because the whole idea that some fantasy creature possessing someone and that it is suppose to be taken serious and is somehow based on real life is hilarious! Why else would they be laughing?

If they believed in a devil and that things like this happen, then they would had not laugh, but they did laugh because they didn't believe and therefore it was funny to them to present something like that as real.

Still don't get it?

Too bad.

I don't care.
We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.

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