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Originally Posted by KR~!
What are these films about? They are about the Christian devil not any other kind of spook. Think for a moment here, I know it's hard for you since you are not used to thinking, but just try this once, remember this?
The film may be about the Christian Devil but I didn't say that it wasn't. I merely said that other religions also believe in evil and some people find these types of films scary because to them it's believeable, whether they are Christian or not.

I resent you saying that I am not used to thinking because you are the one with the attention problem. You must not be a very bright person to make such moronic generalizations about the audience laughing. You know, the day of 9/11 there were people celebrating the death of Americans and the destruction of the twin towers. If you were in an Anti-American bar at the time and the people started to cheer would you automatically assume that everyone hates Americans? Now, this may be a leap for you, but IMAGINE that there could be people laughing at the trailer and there could also be other people (NOT THE PEOPLE LAUGHING) that thought it was scary? Is that too difficult for you to comprehend?

To quote you:
Still don't get it? Too bad! I don't care!

That's something that I can certainly agree with because further posts will only result in the thread being closed and someone getting suspended.

Anyway, I just read about the true case and it was interesting. Apparently, the victim died of starvation because the demons (or supposed demons) didn't let her eat. Also, the priests were brought to trial. I think that it could be a good film if it isn't too sensationalized.
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