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Hmmm. I really wanted to love this movie, but I came away just liking it. I say that it is a 3/5 star effort. It was well acted and mostly directed in a not in your face manner that I appreciated. I did in fact love all scenes involving Emily Rose. Those were great. The actress playing her, Jennifer Carpenter, was very good. She broke my heart. I hurt for her and desperately wanted to reach into the movie and save her myself.

I think it ran into trouble in the courtroom part of the story though. I appreciate that they tried to do something different, but maybe they should have tried a bit harder. The scholarly debate seemed to just scratch the surface of the story and all related issues. It was more like giving the technical definition of related terms and less jumping into something more meaty. That was disappointing, and kind of boring. I also wish that there had been more actual drama in the court. It seemed to me that the movie never really investigated the possibility that maybe she was a sick girl and the priest and family did really mess up her care. That would have been interesting. That could have created intellectual conflict. As it was, you were clearly supposed to side with the whole demon thing. That was disappointing, and kind of boring.

As a petty aside, Campbell Scott does not rock a mustache. He is a good actor, but put a mustache on him, and he just looks silly.

This movie made like $11 million on Friday. Since most guessed that it would make 15-18 million for the whole weekend, it is well ahead of expectations.

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